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Every computer has its own architecture.
For instance - although a non-compressed gfx file, like BMP - taken from ZX Spectrum standard graphic mode will have 41 Kb, but still the same picture on the native ZX Spectrum format SCREEN$ will take always only 6912 bytes, no matter what.

Lately I was trying to draw pictures for Arduboy (I’m afraid they’re bad, but still I had a lot of fun) and their BMP files are 1086 bytes each.
I was wondering - what will be exact size of such a full-screen pic in the Arduboy’s native format? Also different? The same maybe?

Below are my pics, btw. :wink: Hehe…



Time for an overkill answer:

The Arduboy screen resolution is 128x64.
Graphics are 1-bit bitmaps, and there are 8 bits in an Arduboy byte so that’s (128 * 64) / 8 bytes, which is 1024 bytes (1 KB).

The Arduboy has 32KB of progmem, 4KB of which is taken up by the bootloader, leaving 28KB, so a full screen image is 1/28th of the memory available for code and read-only data.

(And remember that 28KB has to contain code as well, so it’s less than 28 full screen images. The more code and other data there is, the less images there will be room for.)

P.S. Nice artwork. Interesting art style.

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However, a screen image can be compressed when stored in program memory. If you decide to use compressed images, the number you can store will depend on the resulting compression ratio. The compression ratio of each image will depend on the compression technique used and the contents of the image.

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Thx a lot guys (also - for the Reg Mombassa’s works :wink: ) - it was most insightful.
Yes, we will be thinking of it further.
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Great now I have to put this into off topic you jokers.

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