1-Bit Rogue for Arduboy

(Evgen) #74

If you’re talking about the original Android game, then I was not going to copy it. I liked the general idea, but the implementation on the microcontroller imposes many limitations that in the gameplay can not be ignored. As a result, I developed game mechanics taking into account the limitations of the microcontroller and it does not strongly echo the original. And I took the sprites from the original game for faster development, but if I succeed, then I will change the sprites to my own.

(Stephane C) #75

Is it normal that the difficulty is thru the roof?


I played the Android (or iPhone, maybe Blackberry) game before, and it wasn’t common for you to get to the first boss without upgrading anything, although I pretty much ventured into the 3rd boss level with a … level 5 knight maybe?
Takes a while to get to.

(Evgen) #79

I want to implement the transition to the bootloader by holding down the button B.
In the library, this is done by forcing the watchdog timer (exitToBootloader() ).
With the Caterina bootloader it does not work - the game is immediately launched.
Will it work with the Arduboy bootloader? Or are additional actions necessary?

(Pharap) #80

Just to let you know:
you can edit your post with the pencil icon, you don’t have to delete the whole post if you make a mistake.

(Scott) #81

From the factory, the Arduboy has the unmodified Leonardo version of the Caterina bootloader installed (which is why it appears as a Leonardo in the IDE port selection).

To invoke the bootloader, you have to set the bootloader magic key value at the proper location, to be detected when the WDT times out and interrupts.

(Evgen) #82

Thanks a lot!
Updated the HEX-file. Now it’s easier to write another game in the Arduboy.
Just hold down the B-key.

(Evgen) #83

Almost finished bestiary - information and statistics on mobs.
The statistics are stored in EEPROM (64 bytes - maybe a little more)

Are there any recommendations for the address of the placement?


(Pharap) #84

Anything above EEPROM_STORAGE_SPACE_START (which is 16).
We don’t actually have a list of which games use which EEPROM addresses.

Maybe 384? (3 * 128)

(Evgen) #85

ok, let it be 384 (64 bytes)

Updated the repository.

Now in the game you can see all the information on the mob (press the B key):

  • attack power
  • hp
  • detection distance / attack distance
  • the number of deaths of the mob
  • number of strokes per pers

Also now there is a score (and the best score) in the game.

Need corrections in the texts?
My English is not very good )

(Stephane C) #86

@GetChiper Thank you for working on this game. I have 1 question for you. Is is normal that even the first few creatures we are facing can kill us in 1 or 2 hits? I am to a point that even if the game looks real promising, the gameplay itself is almost not payable to me.

Maybe i am just doing something wrong. Maybe you just didn’t adjust the gameplay yet (and that’s ok)

Also in the bestiary, some of the stats are weird for exemple:

Power 2
HP 2
Range 4/1
Dies 508
Hits >60000

The last 2 are impossible since i played the game twice only. My guess is that the Bestiary is reading EEPROM information from another game probably…

(Evgen) #87

In occasion of a heavy game -
No mob before the first boss should kill for 2 hits (if so, then this is a bug). But the game should be difficult. This is a feature of roguelike games. In them, to die many times to achieve the goal - this is normal.

For successful passage of the boss, you need to plan your actions correctly, plus you need to be lucky enough to get a weapon from the chest.

Each successful passage of the boss adds one additional life at the beginning of the game. Usually after the first passage of the boss next time it is no longer a problem. Especially the third and more passage.

p.s. In any case, the balance of the game beyond the first boss has not been tested yet and everything will depend on the calls for the game.

As for the incorrect stats of bestiary -
This is the remainder of the data in EEPROM from other games.

The initial data of EEPROM (255) is reset to zero automatically.
But the remnants of data from other games are reset with a crystal in the cemetery (the swordsman need to act crystal).

Updated the repository. Use the latest version.

(Stephane C) #88

Thank you, and i will try to post a video of what is happening in case it’s a bug. I am quite used to Rogue-like game, so i knew that it had to be hard, but like i said, the second mob i encountered was able to kill me In 1 or 2 shots.

Thank you for your answer! You are doing a great job :wink:

(Stephane C) #89

Is it normal that after beating a Slime with a crown (the boss i guess), i take the stairs and it just goes back to the title screen and i am back to being a ghost?

(Evgen) #90

Yes, it is normal.
I limited the game to the first boss, because I have not yet updated the rest of the level after updating the sprites. I’ll do it in the near future. Game progress (the initial life, bestiary and so on) will not be lost.

Initially, the swordsman is given 3 spheres of life (which corresponds to 6 points HP, if we consider that the spheres are empty and then cleaned up later).
In accordance with the bestiary, the first mobs deal damage BAT-1HP, VIPER-1HP. So, in order for the swordsman to die, he must receive 6 strokes.

(Holmes) #91

Any update on this project? :slight_smile:

(fred ) #92

Bumping this thread, because i want to play this game. :slight_smile:

(Scott R) #93

Few post up there’s a link to the repo

(fred ) #94

Hmm, maybe I was not using the latest download when I played last. I couldn’t do anything in game. I’ll try again. Thx

(Stephane C) #95

From what I remember, the last version I played let you get to the first boss.