1-Bit Rogue for Arduboy

Bumping this thread, because i want to play this game. :slight_smile:

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Few post up there’s a link to the repo

Hmm, maybe I was not using the latest download when I played last. I couldn’t do anything in game. I’ll try again. Thx

From what I remember, the last version I played let you get to the first boss.

the latest hex are not working for me
going through the commit history this is the last that boots on Arduboy 16th August

@fredster the game has a bit of a weird menu system you have to go to the statue in the middle and press B to change then you can enter the stairs to reach the dungeons

Damn this looks great, but I can’t find a working version of the hex. @Keyboard_Camper the one you posted was giving some strange graphics results trying to use with projectABE, do you have a different hex that works?

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I decided to finish my old project.
Over the past time, many ideas have appeared on how to make the game better.
I remind you that the game was originally created without using the Arduboy library and I will complete it using my tools.
But I want to transfer the game upon completion using the native arduboi library.
Is it still interesting to anyone?


Hi! Nice to hear you’re picking up this project again!

if the game would use Arduboy libraries and the source would be available then it would be easy to compile for different Homemade Arduboys.

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@GetChiper, it’s great that you decided to continue making your wonderful game. I’ve been waiting for it for years and I don’t think I’m the only one. I also remember that you had a color version of the game, which is also very curious. Porting the game to Arduboy will not only give many people the opportunity to play on Arduboy and Arduboy compatible systems, but it will also make it much easier to port the game to other platforms, which will further expand the audience.


Remind me how much space does the bootloader take up?
What size can I make my hex file?

I rewrote my engine to be more like arduboy library. To facilitate porting later. It turned out better than I expected!
All sprites are already in arduboy format.
Added new features. Including the walls of the labyrinth can now be destroyed. For example, in order to shorten the path to the desired place.
You can already go through the empty labyrinths - it remains to add a few monsters)

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The Arduboy has:

  • 32KB (32,768 bytes) of Progmem (flash memory)
    • Of which 4KB (4096 bytes) is used by the bootloader, leaving 28KB (28,672 bytes) for the actual software
  • 2.5KB (2560 bytes) of RAM
    • Of which the frame buffer uses 1024 bytes when using any of the drawing functions provided by Arduboy2*
  • 1KB (1204 bytes) of EEPROM
    • Of which 16 bytes are reserved for certain settings (e.g. sound, boot logo, unit/user name)

* Note that C++'s “you don’t pay for what you don’t use” mantra means that if you don’t use any functions that reference the frame buffer then it won’t be included, so you can theoretically implement different drawing functions to avoid the frame buffer. (I did precisely this to achieve a 512 byte 64x32 pixel screen mode once.)


I expected it to be smaller …
I will try to keep within this size

@Mr.Blinky made a modified bootloader that’s only 3KB, but not quite everybody has one of those, so you’d be limiting your audience by a fair bit if you targetted that.

That should read 28,672 bytes.

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Yes it should. Evidently I typed 24 instead of 28. I must have multiples of 8 on the brain.


I added all the planned sprites and so far I can fit in 28kB with a margin. But there are no mob scripts yet. I hope I won’t have to remove anything from the planned.
It remains to make mob scripts and some common scripts.


Are you compressing the levels at all? If not, that might be worth considering.

If you’re struggling and your homemade Arduboy has FX support then it might be worth looking into how to move your data onto the FX chip.

Have you looked at removing the USB stack or compiling with the home brew package to save a bit of memory ?

Levels are randomly generated procedurally.
Except for a few (starting, ending and bosses).

I want to stay in the classic arduboy.


The attacking and damage animation however can be lengthy and take up space.