1010 puzzle game

Ok, I’ve got a first version of the viral 1010 puzzle working on my arduboy. You can get the hex file from http://mike.mired.org/home/arduboy/Tiny-1010.hex, and sources from https://chiselapp.com/user/mwm/repository/1010. Apologies for the raw nature of things - my repository hosting site seems to be down, and I’m to tired to sort out hosting for the manager repo. If you’re running a repo. feel free to add this to it.

Usage is simple - up/down cycles through the available shapes, left/right moves them onto the playing field. On the field, A places the shape and switches to the next one. B pauses the game, allowing you to resume or start a new game.

I’m particularly interested in feedback on the visuals and block set. I couldn’t find a list of standard blocks, and it seems to vary by game. If you’ve got a list somewhere, pointers appreciated. I tried to copy the color visuals with drawing patterns, but I’m not sure the results aren’t simply confusing, and it’s be better to just use white tiles on a black board or somethings similar.

More tomorrow after I get the hosting sorted out.


Ok, @crait has kindly added it to his arduboy repository. That’s probably the easiest way to get it, and likely to remain so.


Is there a way to add a little instruction screen to the game? Also, pushing the Right button doesn’t seem intuitive to add a piece to the playing board.

Yes, some kind of help/about screen is next on my list. I released it without that to get feedback on the game play, which would change it.

I agree about the right button. The current version in alpha uses the A button to put a shape in the upper right hand corner, and the right button to search for a place to put the shape. I really like this feature: it turns the LED red before it starts the search, then if the search works it goes green, and if there’s no place that shape fits it turns the LED off. So you can easily check to see if a piece will fit as well.


Ok, source repo is now online if you want to build the dev version or just poke the source.


Finally, the update with some inline help and a tweak game UI. The above links work: http://mike.mired.org/home/arduboy/Tiny-1010.hex and https://chiselapp.com/user/mwm/repository/1010.


  • Took out 4 of the L pieces. It’s a more difficult game.
  • Right arrow places in upper left, A auto-places in the first spot it fits.
  • Added help pages.
  • Bug fixes and better button handling.

The help pages were much more painful than I expected, because fitting them on that small screen is difficult. Feedback and improvments on wording, etc. for those much appreciated.

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I notice that the arduboy manager site hasn’t updated to 0.95 yet. Maybe because I didn’t provide a link to the hex file?

Anyway, the hex file can be downloaded from https://1fichier.com/?93ai7dcyge, and the json repo for the Arduboy mate is at https://1fichier.com/?93ai7dcyge

Updated the repo to include the new version! :smiley: Next time, just shoot me a private message or e-mail: crait.is@gmail.com

And there’s now an arduboy file for i
[update]: the link is now broken. Then again, so is the arduboy file, as the format has changed. New link posted, but the file won’t necessarily work with the latest loaders.

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Link is broken. Can you update it?

Whoops, I did break the link with the latest update to the web site to autogenerate arduboy files.

Try http://arduboy.mired.org/arduboy/1010.arduboy. But the arduboy format is still in flux, and that won’t work with all programs that support arduboy.

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@phil8715 posted a message stating that he found the LEDs to be too bright and asked if they could be made dimmer. I tend to agree with him, so I’ve modified the code to lower the LED brightness.

With permission from @mwm, this modified version is available on GitHub at:

Thank you @MLXXXp

I’ve not had time to have a go myself as I’ve been busy with various hospital appointments.

Just uploaded it and it much better. again thank you @MLXXXp

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