$12 Arduboy compatible system

What would happen if a non-5V tolerant OLED display is used with the 5V Micro or Pro-Micro? Graphical glitches? Or something worse?

I love this thread so much, it’s one of my favorite to tell people about at maker faire events.

What are thoughts if we sold a kit version?


I’d love it! As you already know, I have already developed a kit version. :wink:

Here are the files. Would you be interested to produce it or do you have something similar in mind?

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I think it would be sold with the breadboard as to use entirely off-the-shelf parts. That way should be cheapest possible and theoretically not require any soldering still.

I put mine in it’s own thread, but since we’re now posting them here, I figured I’d back fill it.

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This is my favorite thread in the community, I love seeing all these different ways the hardware is remixed. When people are learning new fabrication techniques and learning about putting these things together for the first time it’s even cooler.

You people are the best! Keep up the good work! Keep hacking and making!


The only reason I was able to create the original Arduboy prototype, or even learn about electronics or hardware was because all of the materials were open source from Adafruit and Sparkfun so I feel it’s the right thing to do to continue sharing and keeping it open. It’s not a traditional business model but I think it creates amazing communities!


Lol what if we just scaled the entire Arduboy size up to match the larger OLED’s Arduboy+? Game system the size of a notepad! haha.


This, by far, is my favorite thread. =D


Do you have the schematics file for your PCB? I’d like to create this.

so all the parts have just arrived for my arduboy clone, but how do i hook up the display to the Arduino Micro? :confused:
Edit: Nevermind, was able to find all the required pins by looking at the library code. It works perfectly! :slightly_smiling_face:


I just stumbled across the Pololu range of 32u4 boards I’ve not had a chance to check what pins are available across the models but they look pretty nifty and the bootloader is opensource.

So it has been 4 Years now Bateske and Arduventure KS is an Amazing success, Backer #608 and had to get the plushie. And now I seriously have to build one of these Arduboys myself. Thank you for the inspiration.


Depends. If you are getting a board similar in PIN(like the Arduino Micro) it will work just fine, not to say a board the Arduboy originated from–Arduino Leonardo.
Just guessing…

yep. It will no problem for micro and leonardo. But Pro Micro is dirt cheap and can be found easily, I can make a few of arduboy to share for my friends and my kid. I have Arduino Micro in hand but I think it can be use for other project and not thinking about buying it anymore because its a bit expensive and also difficult to find in my country

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I’ve done that in my new board package. You can use the features (OLED CS, 2nd speaker pin, green LED with PWM) with a Pro Micro.

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Not a problem!
I was still the ONLY guy who knows how to solder (one of my friend once soldered something that later on look like a lump of pig-iron.)
Well most Arduinoare cheap anyway (a micro is about the same price as Micro pro, and sometimes you can get Leonardo for even less. ETH costs, though.)

@MLXXXp @FManga
I have viewed this thread and would like to start my discussion for my own case and you closed it?
I know it is the same thing but 385 posts later…really?

What does your display look like?
The only four components beside the Arduboy itself-Screen, button, LED, beeper. I got buttons, LED, beeper, adjustable resistors, resistors, and a circuitry board. And some pins.

And if you can kindly direct me to a place that tells me how to wire all of them, that will be very helpful.

And a search of this topic for “leonardo pin” gives one post with most of the information you need.