$12 Arduboy compatible system

(Scott) #50

It can only be configured through hardware, so unless the display is hard-wired for SPI there should be a jumper or switch on the display to select between SPI or I2C.

And were you connecting the display signals directly to the Nano pins (which output 5V)?

That’s probably a good idea. It may turn out that there are more issues with using a Nano beyond those I’ve already mentioned. Also, instead of a Pro Micro, using an Arduino Micro or Leonardo offers the possibility of even better Arduboy compatibility.

(Sean ) #51

Thanks for the help I guess I’ll buy a micro then!

(Sean ) #52

If anyone finds out how to use the nano in this project, please share!

(Scott) #53

@SeanO, If you can get the library example HelloWorld sketch working with the Nano, I’ll try to modify the library to make the buttons work, and anything else if necessary, as best as possible.

Even the HelloWorld sketch won’t compile with the library “as is”, so if you want to try this, let me know and I’ll make you a custom library that will at least compile HelloWorld for the Nano.

(Sean ) #54

Thanks so much! That would be very helpful! :smiley:

(Scott) #55

@SeanO, I’ve made changes to the Arduboy library to support ATmega328p based Arduinos, such as the Nano, Uno and Pro Mini. This library code is on the atmega328p branch of my fork.

The code could use some cleaning up and there’s still more changes required but I’ve tested it with an Arduino Pro Mini. I’ve only tested the HelloWorld and Buttons sketches. I haven’t tried the speaker.

The pins used are close to the Arduboy Kickstarter version but some have changed, noted with an asterisk:

Display  Nano Pin
  SCL      D13*
  SDA      D11*
  RES      D2*
  DC       D4
  CS       A4* (if display has it)

Button   Nano Pin
  Up       A0
  Right    A1
  Left     A2
  Down     A3
  A        D7
  B        D8

Speaker  Nano Pin
   1       D5
   2       D3*

RGB LED  Nano Pin
  Blue     D9
  Red      D10
  Green    D6*

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(Sean ) #56

Thanks so much! You are so helpful! Especially since I’m new to arduboy and coding this will be really beneficial!

(Michael) #57

Can someone please tell me if i have the screen wired correctly to the arduino micro?
I am currently not getting anything but a black screen.

(Ross) #58

This is the nicest workspace I’ve ever seen… sheesh. It might be easier for people to comment if you give a wiring diagram or something, something with labels and pin labels alongside : ).

(Scott) #59

@shdwwzrd, It looks to me like you’ve got DC and RST reversed. The black wire DC should be going to Arduino Pin 4. The white wire RST should be going to Arduino Pin 6. All other connections look OK.

(Michael) #60

Works now, Thanks. Now I can test my code.

(Sean ) #61

Hi I believe you sent me the link to the atmega 329p instead of the atmega 328p

(Scott) #62

Sorry, I just named the branch wrong. Here’s the same code with the branch name corrected.

(Kevin) #63

I just wanted to jump in here and say I love to see all this work here, it’s so cool to see everyone helping each other out. These kind of forum posts are exactly how I got started. Keep it up everyone!

(Sean ) #64

Really nice schematic! Btw I would like a kicad copy if that’s OK. Also, can you please send me a link to the website you got your spi screen? Or at least the name? Thanks!


Here is the newest schematic (v5), compatible with the retail Arduboy 1.0. I had added components in v2-v4 but removed them to have a very minimalistic style and easy soldering:

For the display, look for SSD1306 0.96" OLED screens on eBay or Aliexpress with the correct pinout. But sometimes you receive screens with the wrong diagonal (1.3"), PCB color, pixel color or pinout. Tell me if you find a more reliable source.

(Sean ) #66

Yeah I’ve had the same problem from aliexpress lately and it’s been holding up my project. I hook everything up, turn it on and nothing comes on. But with my spi screen, I have scl and sda instead of DO and DI respectively. It says its compatible with IIC but I don’t want that.

(Sean ) #67

I believe I have sorted the problem

(Sean ) #68

Thanks so much man! You have helped me so much! Couldn’t have done it without you.

(Matt) #69

Thanks for posting this thread, it has genuinely inspired me to get off my butt and do something cool.

I ordered my Arduboy from the Webstore a couple of weeks ago and I had already been to these community pages, so I was fully aware of how long I might wait until delivery. I was happy to wait as long as needed because the Arduboy is just cool!

I’m in the UK and this thread inspired me to try building my own “Hackduboy” so that I can start coming up with cool game ideas and testing them right away. So I did it.

1 x Clone of Arduino Pro Micro (actually a clone of a clone!) [£5.19 delivered, ebay]
1 x 0.96" SPI While OLED 128x64 [£5.76 delivered, ebay]
2 x Piezo Electric Speaker [£1.49 for both delivered, ebay]
1 x 4 Channel Logic Level Converter [£1.95 delivered, ebay]
1 x 3.3v Regulator for OLED [just found in spares]
some breadboard, microswitches and wire [just found in spares]
[TOTAL = £14.39 + some bits I had already]

Everything was delivered in 3 days, after the hardware build and some ‘#define’ tweeks everything works! :slight_smile: . So now I can start writing those games. I would recommend this process to anyone who has ordered an Arduboy and is itching to start. It’s nice to get familiar with the hardware and for me it has just made me more excited about getting the “real Arduboy” in the post.

You can probably tell that i’m a happy bunny right now :stuck_out_tongue: