128 x 128 screen

For the 90’s Arduboy project Im using a 128 x 128 Color TFT screen and well it needs a modified library for it to actually work now im not trying to make all the games 128x128 and in color im just trying to get a normal arduboy game to work on it so any help would be great since personally I have little to none experience with coding besides messing around in unreal engine using C++ and the only I did that worked was making the player able to walk up a wall

If your display uses an ST7735 driver chip you could have a look at Adafruits ST7735 library

How usable it will be will depend on what your hardware setup is. For pushing out 128x128 12-bit color pixels @ 60 FPS over SPI you’d probably need some 48-60MHz MCU You’d probably end up with something that is similar to a PyBadge

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I’ll test it out. maybe if I’m bored one day i’ll experiment and see if making a Arduboy 128x128 with color can work but as of right now Ill just play Social Distancing The Game on 128x128 screen

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@Mr.Blinky provides some great advice …

Why did you ask for help if you are not interested in the answer?



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The TFT_eSPI library is about 10 times faster then Adafruits ST7735