1943: The Battle of Midway (Vertical for Arduboy or Microcard)

Nineteen43_Vertical.hex (76.7 KB)


I have decided to split out the Vertical version of 1943 from my original posting as its a ‘completely’ new game made possible thanks to the graphic injection it received from @Vampirics. The original was made possible by @pharap with his help.

New features include enhanced graphics and a HUD that doesn’t alternate between bullets and health / fuel.

Hope you enjoy the game and the music that goes with it.

Source code here > https://github.com/Press-Play-On-Tape/Nineteen43_Vertical
Hex file here > https://github.com/Press-Play-On-Tape/Nineteen43_Vertical/tree/master/distributable

I will post a HEX onto @eried’s site soon.


The Microcard version includes a high score system:


Loaded it up on my daily driver arduboy. The retooled sprites are awesome.

Do you like the ‘lean’ effect when you go up or down that @vampirics created?

Yup looks pretty cool. Gives the game more of a depth. Gauges on the sides are also cool, I do not have to wait for the HUD to rotate in the statuses. The LED blips are a nice touch. Overall I like it.

Thanks @fredster … I need to thank @Vampirics for pushing me along!

It looks even better on the Microcard!

Im sure. If it pops up on massdrop again ill pick it up for this.

Where are you based? I see DigiKey has a bunch of them in the US for sale. Unfortunately they will not ship overseas due to the(tiny) lion battery.

32 at the moment.


I’m in the N.E. U.S… Not a bad price. https://www.digikey.com/products/en?keywords=microcard
Perhaps next paycheck I’ll pick it up.

Once you wipe “the default game” off of it you can’t go back I assume?

You will also need to buy a programmer to go with it. I got one on ebay for about $6 delivered.

Would you have a link for an example what you are describing?

$3 Aussie dollars plus a couple more for shipping. That equates to about $0.39 USD at the current exchange rate :slight_smile:

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This will have to go on my project docket of gaming console mods. Among the PSPs, Gameboys, Lynx and Gamegears I’m fixing/modding. :slight_smile:

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For my fellow Aussies, Pakronics has 4 Microcards in stock at the moment.

Note the $89.10 is ex GST … becomes $98.01. Ouch!

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Wow … there is only one left now!

There are 15 11 on Massdrop …

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One stupid question, do i need this programmer to upload it on tetris microcard? :roll_eyes:

Yes… the Tetris device does not have aUSB stack and therefore can not be flashed that way.

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First post in ages after a lot of down time.

This game is now looking really kickass :+1:t2:

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Thanks Scott …I fixed a couple of play issues along the way. It is amazing to think that I ran out of memory when creating this and through code changes and library changes @Vampirics and I have squeezed all of these graphics in.

Code changes include

  • dropping the use of print() and being able to use Arduboy2Base instead of Arduboy2.
  • using SpritesB instead of Sprites.
  • using avr_eeprom instead of the standard Arduino eeprom library.
  • using the latest version of Arduboy2 library (version 50100) instead of the slightly older version previously used.
  • careful refactoring of code. Sometimes the simplest changes save the most memory!