1944 Return to Midway FX

Nineteen44.ino.hex (78.5 KB)
@vampirics and I have just completed a little face-lift on 1943 to make it horizontal-friendly. We have also changed the name to 1944 Return to Midway as that will fool the copyright lawyers!





I have managed to fit it all into the standard Arduboy size but we may put a small video / graphics once the dust has settled on the hardware / API discussion.

@Mr.Blinky A question, in order to fit it into the normal Arduboy limitations, I have used ARDUBOY_NO_USB and plan to put int the standard code to drop to bootloader. Do I need to do this with the FX or does the modded bootloader take care of this?


Thats looking good.

You still need the exit to bootloader code

LOOOVE the tiny credits screen. XD

Wait does it scroll vertically horizontally?

No it’s scrolling horizontally. But all the add-ons from the vertical version are now included in this version.

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A preview …



OK … I will add one. I suspect we need to be consistent across all FX games. I will post on @crait’s thread and see what the convention is.

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If you don’t have much space you could add my custom wiring.c (or build with homemade package using custom core)

With this pressing UP+DOWN for > 1.5 secs will enter bootloader mode.

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Right … so I just need it in my project?

Could this be the convention that I mentioned in the other thread? Edit: I see you have posted there too!

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I did’n’t notice that thread untill I posted here.


Are we using the old assets for the power-ups in the public version?

All fixed!



Looking good! The FX needs a rotatable screen :slight_smile:

Capcom also had a 1944 game. They made lots of 194x games

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@filmote how about calling it “Midway”?
(If it needs to be 4 letters then “P-38” is also an option.)

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I never knew about 1944! And yes bugger, bugger, bugger. @Vampirics came up with the graphics and I might leave it to him to pick another name. But I think you are right - four letters will fit nicely.


Will work on it as soon as I can.

If it can fit, I prefer the name ‘Midway’.
Partly because I think it sounds cooler than ‘P-38’, partly because of stargate.

How about ditching the year and just call it Return to Midway. I know I can make a nice title screen out of that.

I think “Return to Midway” is probably still a bit too close to the original,
but something else involving ‘Midway’ could be used.

E.g. “The Battle of Midway”, “Assault on Midway”, “Advance on Midway”

Well, searching on Google, the only thing called return to Midway is the name of a book. So we should be good with the name I think. Let’s wait for @filmote opinion on that.