1944 - Return to Midway (Horizontal)

Nineteen44.ino.hex (78.5 KB)

OK, its finished (for now!).

Hex and .arduboy files can be found here > https://github.com/Press-Play-On-Tape/Nineteen44/tree/master/distributable

Source code can be found here > https://github.com/Press-Play-On-Tape/Nineteen44

I had a lot of help along the way from @Pharap He answered many dumb questions - especially with regards to pointers pointing to arrays of images in PROGMEM - and the occasional intelligent ones. Oh right, the intelligent questions were the rhetorical ones he asked himself! Thanks for your help.

Hope you enjoy the game and the music that goes with it.

Graphics by @vampirics.


During play: D-Pad controls the plane, A to shoot and B to roll the plane and avoid enemy bullets.
Introduction: B to toggle sound, Left or Right to change levels.
Game Over: Up and Down to reset scores.

Level 1 is capped at 30 games.
Level 2 is capped at 60 games.
Level 3 goes forever!

SplashScreen   1944%20Horizontal%20GameOver%20Screen

1944%20Horizontal%20FlyingAces%20Screen   1944%20Horizontal%20Credits%20Screen



Gave it a go! Loved it, but GOD it’s HARD :slight_smile:
One thing worth noting: I was really impressed by the music: way better than the blops and bips that I heard on other games!
Awesome work, it has a permanent place on my Game Loader!


I found a MIDI version of the theme on the web and stripped it right back to bare bones. @MLXXXp has a utility on his repo that converts MIDIs to ArduboyTones format. Just need to be careful that you are not converting too many channels. I shelved another game that had a cool A-Team theme in it. Scotts repo is here > https://github.com/MLXXXp/ArduboyTones

Was the game too hard? It speeds up as the player progresses through missions. I can slow down the initial mission and slow down the rate of change between missions.

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I would wait additional feedback before tweaking anything: I’m not used yet to the arduboy control scheme, and my eyes can easily miss some of those bullets before it’s too late. Plus, hard isn’t necessarily bad - I just happened to die more often than I expected.

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… it is supposed to be a challenge!


I successfully upload the game on my arduboy, but it doesn’t seem to work properly. I always start with one bar on the health meter, and I run out of bullets (no sure if it’s supposed to do that) after a few seconds of play. My airplane also seem to randomly explode, without enemy bullets or ships touching it. The music also cuts off after a few seconds of play.

Anything like that happens to anyone else?

The ‘random explosion’ is probably due to running out of fuel, but I can’t explain any of the other problems. Sounds like it probably uploaded incorrectly (either a fluke, a dodgy cable, or a bug in the uploader).

Hi @mononkpierre,

At one stage I was testing the ‘crashing’ by hard-coding the fuel to be low however that is not what code is currently in the repo. Which code are you using?

The code in the \distributable sub-directory has a valid build in it.

Do you mind trying again?

Good game!
Funny and quiet hard.
After few minutes, my brain automatically rotate the screen.



Good game, great work, adding to my favorites list.

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Having problems with game locking up on mission 6. Fun game, I may have an advantage with a joystick control. Plays really well except for locks up on mission 6 . I’ve gotten there three times and locked up three times. The screen would freeze and once froze with end game music playing and I had all my health.

Me too! Same issue (whitout joystick😋).

Mission six ? Mmmm … I will have to look at it and update.

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I haven’t had a chance to look at L6 yet but is it consistent? St the start of the mission or end?? I have a horrible feeling it might be a memory issue. Anyhow I’m going to blame my tester @Pharap lol


Level 6 locks up consistently at the same point in game for me just as the first two enemy fighters reach the left of the screen. I’ve tried shooting and avoiding them and get the same result.

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It’s at the start of level six each time.

At least it is consistent ! Makes it easier to narrow down.

In my defence I only tested one level.

Looks like it’s either an infinite loop, a case of running out of RAM or possibly an attempt to dereference a null pointer (though I’m not actually sure how that behaves on the Arduboy).
Could be other things but those are my three best guesses.


I can confirm. The crash is at the start of level 6 right after the second plane. Same as the video.

This is my guess. Level 6 is the same as level 1 only faster so I am not sure that the other two options are likely.

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