1944 - Return to Midway (Horizontal)

photoshop much…?

No … its running nicely on the Microcard with sound and everything.

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@filmote, I think @bateske is referring to the 1943 logo on the circuit board, under the A and B buttons.

Oh … no that’s printed on glossy paper and stuck onto the circuit board. The colour matching is a bit of computer-magic (also known as colour tint and saturation).


More enhancements … islands! But due to PROGMEM constraints, this will probably be limited to the Microcard version of the code.



How about a whale :slight_smile:


Just kidding …

But have added a second boat …


You could consider using the ARDUBOY_NO_USB macro and exitToBootloader() function to eliminate the USB code. That may give you enough PROGMEM on an Arduboy.

Because of the extra difficulty with loading new sketches without the USB code present, you may wish to maintain separate Arduboy versions:

  1. The current version with normal upload capability.
  2. A version without USB and with the enhanced features. You would add a big warning in the documentation that details the issues with not having the USB code.

Thanks Scott.

As you suggest, I already have separated the Arduboy (horizontal) version from the vertical version into two separate repos.

I think I will leave instructions for uses on how to compile their own version of the game with the added features but compile up a HEX without them as this is more appropriate for the games repos where warning signs may not be obvious.


So a quick poll … I have added clouds to the Microcard version of the game and are undecided as to which set of clouds look better. @Vampirics designed both and they both look good however the first set are very different to the islands whereas the second design have a transparency but look a little like the islands.

Note the clouds are sometimes launched above the planes and sometimes below

ArduboyRecording%20(14)   ArduboyRecording%20(15)

16%20pm   53%20pm

  • The first video
  • The second video

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Well, it could almost look like if there’s bigger clouds on the sides and some smaller ones scrolling in the middle :wink: i do like the second version fairly more, if only for the transparency they give us.

Maybe a small touch up of the island could fix the issue too… i sent you something in PM that might interest you.

After the overwhelming response to my poll above - I just wanted to do one - I have incorporated the wishes of the community into the release shown below:



The horizontal clouds look much better and the more detailed P-38 looks great! :smiley:

Excellent. I’m glad you liked the horizontal clouds idea.

Looks a lot less cluttered than my original suggestion, though I still think they look better when partially offscreen.


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I want to play this but I don’t want to overright Tetris. Decisions, decisions.

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Yes … it looks better.

They randomly position themselves on the screen … sometimes they will be partially visible, other times they will be completely visible.

The movie above is playing on an Arduboy. You can play the original (with no scenery) here >

(HEX) https://raw.githubusercontent.com/eried/ArduboyCollection/master/Arcade%2F1943%2F1943.hex
(Emulator) https://felipemanga.github.io/ProjectABE/?hex=https://raw.githubusercontent.com/eried/ArduboyCollection/master/Arcade%2F1943%2F1943.hex

… Or you can grab the ‘Arduboy’ version of the version with scenery here >

The only thing you lose by not using the Microcard is a High Score feature. With a little EEPROM magic (thanks @pharap) I was able to get the code to fit into the Arduboy.


Is that in an unpublished version?

I was thinking if you’ve got an example of how much memory it saved you that it might be a useful example.

Its incorporated into the https://github.com/filmote/Nineteen43_Vertical version. It saved 293 bytes!

The code is a mess at the moment because I am supporting the original code and an enhanced ‘high score’ table for the microcard version. It is delimited with SAVE_MEMORY defines.

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I loaded it up. It looks fantastic with the scenery. Thank you.

I have update the horizontal version with scenery and it is now ‘Flash Cart’ friendly (you can press the down key from the title screen to return to the bootloader).


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