1944 - Return to Midway (Horizontal)

That’s true. OK, blame the coder.


OK … silly mistake on my behalf.

Version 1.0.1 is now released! Thank you to @Keyboard_Camper, @Ground7, @Nono_Nano and @Odie1 for their help finding this.

You can get a refresh of the Hex or .arduboy file here > https://github.com/filmote/Nineteen43/tree/master/distributable

@eried can you please refresh your repository?


Yes sure updated!, btw: you could also update the files :smiley: (fork -> add your new hex -> pull request to the repo)

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OK … will do that next time!

:smiley: nice! I do not have any problem updating the files but I was just commenting you that there is a way to “manage” your own game. I know that linking your original file would be nicer, but I have not build that feature yet into the system yet


All seems good on stage 6 now.
@filmote is the game capped at 25 levels? As at the end of this stage I get the game over screen.

Or maybe I just died and didn’t notice or is a game over screen my reward ?:joy:

The final score could maybe do with being moved a few pixels to the left as it gets slightly cropped.

It is capped at 25 levels but that is arbitrary - it speeds up as you progress through the levels. Did you find it too fast when you got this high? If not, I will increase the number of levels in the game. I also are going to try to squeeze in a few more enemy formations which will then mix up the levels a bit more.

Thanks for the tip with the scores - I will move them to the left a little as well.

Also, out of curiosity, how long did it take you to clear all 25 levels?

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Not at all it’s actually more enjoyable in the later levels

It feels like a run takes 15 minutes but I will time it later to confirm.

Not the greatest video or gameplay as I was bent over a counter with my phone standing in a cup ( the phone not my feet :joy:) but here’s a full run. One thing I notice is I am able to take a huge amount of hits it’s actually pretty hard to die with the flood of goodies.



OK … I am changing the game so that it speeds up a littl emore agrgessively and the items come a little less frequently as you progress. Currently it will always offer you fuel if you are desperate followed by health then erverything else. Should it preferences the items this way? I don’t want to make the game impossible.

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I like it as is. My grandsons have a hard time with it . They are 7 and 5 years old. I think kids that age seem to have a slower reaction time. Maybe a separate more difficult game for adults. Just my opinion.

I have freed up a few hundred bytes so I will look at two levels - easy and hard. Hope I can fit it in!


I have created a new version of the game with three levels.

You can select levels by pressing up and down - the first level is the same as it was (for the grandchildren @Odie1) and the levels get a little fast and the obstacles a little less frequent for levels 2 and 3.

@Keyboard_Camper do you think you could play the levels and provide some feedback? You will need to download and compile the code from the repository here >

If you are interested in tweaking the values, they are in the Enums.h file and include:

#define OBSTACLE_LAUNCH_DELAY_MAX       300    // Delay (in frames)
#define OBSTACLE_LAUNCH_DELAY_INC_L0    0      // How much to increase the delay for level 0
#define OBSTACLE_LAUNCH_DELAY_INC_L1    5      // How much to increase the delay for level 1
#define OBSTACLE_LAUNCH_DELAY_INC_L2    10     // How much to increase the delay for level 2

#define FRAME_RATE_INC_L0               1      // How much to increase the frame rate by each mission for level 0, starting at 50
#define FRAME_RATE_INC_L1               2      // How much to increase the frame rate by each mission for level 1, starting at 50
#define FRAME_RATE_INC_L2               3      // How much to increase the frame rate by each mission for level 2, starting at 50

The credit screen is now accessed by the left or right arrows from the front screen.

Also should mention, that the high scores are stored per level. If you have already played the game you might have some amazingly high scores for level 2 and 3. Might have to think of a simple way to clear the high scores.


I’m getting build error’s on the latest, related to the fixed point stuff that was previously in the src folder and now seems to be missing.

IMHO, all sketches that use EEPROM should provide a method of resetting whatever they store there.

OK … so in the IDE, you can add the library ‘Fixed Points’ by @Pharap. Alternatively, you can get it from here > https://github.com/Pharap/FixedPointsArduino


Install the FixedPoints library from the IDE Library Manager

Sketch > Include Library > Manage Libraries...

enter fixedpoints in the Filter your search... field.


Yep … might try to squeeze it in the last 40 bytes I have free!


Should have mentioned, it does clear the EEPROM on the way in so there is no problems for new installations just those that ran the old version and are no upgrading.

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