1bit Art Smorgasbordpalooza

Ahoy there! I’m 2bitcrook, I’ve been messing around with 1bit art for a while and a good while back stumbled upon the Arduboy resolution and have been having fun with it. Was recommended by @bateske to start posting here which I should have done sooner than later! :D. Better late than never so might as well dive in!

Here’s an example of a Slime/Monster RPG I’ve been mocking out. No working title but the concept of being monsters who save the day is something I’m quite fond of.



These are from a project that eventually outstretched the Arduboys resolution so had to stop working on this iteration but I still saved these backgrounds.


A selection of the main character, Aggie in her various states.

I settled on 192x108, not too far away from the arduboys resolution but it really opens the playing field out.

And finally another little mockup I have is “Rosie and the BIG EGG”, not sure of much else but hey, she’s Rosie and there is indeed a BIG EGG :smiley:.


You may have noticed I have a slight penchant for black on white as opposed to (from my experience) the more common white on black, hope you don’t that against me! (Unlike the battery, which I’ve been reading about isn’t too a fan of that!)

I do also have a bunch of other sprites but don’t want to make a giant gallery to scroll down!

All in all hope you enjoy the plethora of 1bit and hope I can help anybody looking for advice or work with any programmers with some money burning in their pocket :D.


This is seriously insane because I’ve been following @2bitcrook on twitter for a long time and just thinking his art would be great in an Arduboy game.

I know there are some amazing devs in this community that would love to code some life into these beautiful creations.


Wow … these are really good. I hope someone picks these up and converts them into a game soon!


Thank you! Working with 1bit is so fun, I really suggest everyone give it a go. I always say it’s so small eventually I have to get the pixels in the right order. Hope to work with any devs that are willing and able, I’m quite sporadic and have so many mockups on the go, would be nice to finally finish something :smile:.

I love your style, it is fantastic. :smiley: Maybe we could work on something together :wink:


These are excellent! I can’t wait to see them used in a game (I know they will, no-one should pass a chance at working with such great art!)

The quality of art is seriously rising on the board lately! It’s inspiring!


I shot you a message on Twitter. Great works!

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I saw your things online a while ago and always wondered why you didn’t post them here sooner.

Really nice stuff you made. Just don’t be discouraged if when working on a project on the Arduboy and have to downgrade your art a lot.

That happened to me a lot. If anything that’s the only reason why I don’t do as much as I initially wanted to do on it.


Glad you like my stuff :D.

I have thought about how stripped down a lot of my stuff shall have to be but on the other hand it means it’ll be fun to work with even more limitations. I’m very fond of the “Limitation breeds creativity” proverb :smiley:.

I’ve been reading about the 4 colour/2bit versions of potential future arduboys and well, my name might give it away, that sounds exciting!

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These are awesome, really great work. It’d be tough to fit this kind of work into an arduboy game, as they’d really use a lot of the available 28k. But still would be awesome to try.

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I bet this stuff would be good for simple game &watch or tiger electric level of complexity games

Thanks :smiley:

Yeah when I looked up actual Arduboy games I thought they must be under great limitation.
Ah the fun of mockups! Throwing caution to the wind for every limitation outside resolution and colour!

Hopefully with future arduboys getting bigger and better they’ll be enough power to do something like one of my mockups!

Awesome! I like your artwork :+1: Love the Eggs like do do an egg game sometime :slight_smile:


Thank you! It’s tricky having a style that sticks out with so many great 1-bit artists doing work on arduboy but you got to try as they say!

And sounds good, currently chatting with @crait about working together so might be a bit busy but feel free to message me if it’s something small and you don’t mind it taking a while haha~ :smiley:.


Thank you! More egg games are needed, the Dizzy series have had the monopoly on that for too long! :smiley:

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Thank you so much!

Looking forward to seeing what is achievable with my style and the real limits of the arduboy!

(Also have to say the same about your art! Great work on Dark&under! Wonderfully done, packs so much in and is readable (something I value highly myself)!)


Egg games are sheldomly done it’s time the yolking ends and they get eggsactly the respect they deserve.


Yes, same here, i followed his twitter account for months…:wink:
regarding the egg topic:


Thanks for the followage :smiley:

And oooooh adorable! Gudetama is so cute and then you work in 1-bit tamagotchi goodness. wonderful.

Say…there’s room for a tamagotchi-esque game on the arduboy right ? :smiley:
Perhaps a future game in the making!


Dont you need an active clock to be able to make a Tamagoshi game ?