1bit Art Smorgasbordpalooza

(Nicole Birgel) #21

There is a dinosaur tamagotchi for arduboy, but in my opinion there is always room for virtual pets😉

(Nicole Birgel) #22

This is a big point, but maybe there are other ways…


Oh good, glad there’s been a foray into that already! =]

And indeed, would be nice to have a selection of little beasties to take care of :smiley: .


The watch dog timer can be used as a clock. I made a proof of concept before. (video here)

(Jean Charles Lebeau) #25

ah ok, you found a solution then :wink: Gratz

(Pharap) #26

Indeed, it’s a port of a generic Arduino tamagotchi, made by @Keyboard_Camper:

For a moment I read that as “it would be nice to have a little skeleton beastie to take care of”.

I’ve been drawing some skeletons recently and now I’ve got skeletons on the brain. :P


I’m not against some skeletal monster raising games myself :D.

And ooo fun! Hope to see them =]. I think skeletons and 1bit tend to go really well together, I mean look at a jolly roger :pirate_flag: what a combo, white on black. Pirates knew 1bit was where it was at!