1nvader [V1.0]

1nvader.hex (71.9 KB)



Graphics   @vampirics
Code         @filmote
Testing       Jade
Original      Darren Foulds

Source       Source Code
Hex            Hex File


1NVADER is a one or two-player game played with one button, one laser, one 1NVADER, and one life. Play co-operatively, or competitively with a friend, or face the 1NVADER alone.

Based on a Commodore 64 game by Darren Foulds.

You can play it in portrait mode or landscape!






Version 1.0 released … WooHoo!


Really nice game! Love the particle effects :slight_smile:

Nice! love it’s simplicity :+1: The UFO makes me think of metroids :slight_smile:

Borrowed straight from @bateske’s New Blocks on the Kids

Simple is good! Wait to you have unlocked the Tug Of War game - its a great, simple game.

My particles come @Pharap’s Physix - A simple physics toy

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Yes … I should also point out that the code (and yours!) uses @Pharap’s Fixed Point Library.

You can almost never have enough particle explosions!

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When the screen is covered or the system slows down :slight_smile:

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Anyone got high scores they want to share?

Really nice!

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Thanks Josh!

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Hii. I have this game but I think it got glitched whenever I start a game it just show the background but no spaceships or anything… Any way to kinda restart it? Thanks. Love the game btw

Really? Has it every worked??

Did you compile the HEX by yourself or did you download load from GitHub? Or from the Cart creation web site??

Dumb question (as I cannot imagine you would get this far) but are you running on a real Arduboy or a homemade beast. If homemade, then what is it?

I downloaded from cart creation website, this one:


It actually played fine when I played, but once I lost and got game over… I turned it off, and when I came back I got that error:

I’m running on an Arduboy FX original hehe.

Mmmmm … that’s weird. Let me have a look at it.

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Thanks. I’ll try flashing it again all games to see if maybe there was an error or something.

I would guess if there was a flashing error then the game would not play at all. But I could easily be wrong.

Do you like the simplicity of the ‘one button’ game? If so, you will like our next release as well.

With the cart web site, I am curious as to how people are using it. Did you just download everything or did you pick and choose?

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I tried flashing again but same… Ever since I got game over, the only thing I can do is click the button “B” to switch from vertical to horizontal, but once I click on start game nothing happens :frowning: sadly Im not so tech savy so I don’t know any other way to install games for now, but at least from this website, I believe maybe the file of the game is corrupted? Sorry, it’s sad because I do really like your game. I love the simplicity of it (one button just to shoot) I can easily use it with one hand and is very fast-friendly game. Let me know if there’s another way for me to install games and I could try it.

For the games, you have the choice of “pick and choose” but I did pick all the games.

I will give it a go myself when I get home from work.

LOL … one with the lot! There are some pretty rubbish titles in there though. I tried culling them into my curated list but I still ended up with 150 odd games.

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Thanks… Still nothing sadly… I find too hard to try to add one game by itself, so I might need more time tomorrow to try to add it individually, but from that website I tried everything and it still glitches :frowning: