2.42'' OLED and 3D printed Arcade bartop


Recently i bought a 2.42’’ OLED and it really worth it. It’s biiiiiig.:grin:

Using a little modification for SSH1106 drivers the screen works very well.

Then i designed and shared in Thingiverse a 3D case for DIY arduboy clones suitable for this amazing screen.

Link : http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2293173

More info about the controller construction steps: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2293054

I’m happy with the results and i want to share the design here for makers and hobyists.

Some pictures:

I hope you enjoy it!



So cute!

The only design thing I do not like is the way the internal part of the buttons is held. I do not usually trust screw-on-plastic joints

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I agree. I tried a few variations until finding a good joint. It’s designed for M2 (2mms) screws and the holes are 1.9mms diameter and have a thick wall. Results are good and they don’t have to be very strong.

I tried some screwless designs but need a precise and tight fit for a good movement of the joystick.

Yeah, I guess. But for the stick you could have the same design without that plate (looking upside down). Not for the buttons tough.

Anyway, I am just picking stuff that is not important. The thing looks amazing :slight_smile: and having it designed that way is nice (opposite to the normal adafruit 3d models for arcade cases using a giant flimsy printed part instead of several ones)

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That looks fantastic!

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I designed this in many parts mostly to avoid supports when printing. I hate supports!!:grimacing: Also i like the idea of printing every part in different colors and have some kind of ‘rainbow’ bartop :smiley:

Incredible! This reminds me that one day, I want to make a full size stand up arcade Arduboy…

Wow I’m sure that giant OLED looks great too, do you have any video?


I have a crappy 30 second video recorded with mobile for showing to my friends…
i’ll try to upload to youtube (first youtube video for me)

Wow! Nice work! Love the way you use those tactile switches and turned them into joystick contacts. Any chance of a tutorial of how you put the whole thing together?

Edit : ahh I see you have a small write up on thingiverse. But still, a full tutorial right here on community.Arduboy would be great.

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If you’re refering about the wiring and soldering it was an easy and fast work, a bit messy but it works :grin:.
i can take some pictures explaining how is connected. Now it’s too late here in spain, maybe i will post some pictures showing the hardware.

Also for people who want to use the 2.42 OLED there’s some little changes on library, i can post here as i did in a earlier post with the SSH1106

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Not a good video, can’t focus the screen and i hate vertical videos but it’s ok, just to see the size of the OLED screen:grin:


Oh yes please! For the record and for posterity! My tired falling eyes thank you! 8-D

Oh my lord those buttons are EXTRA clicky! Sound like 250nm at least!! Mabe 300 or 400 even!

Yes! the buttons are noisy and a bit hard to push.
I used this cheap buttons: http://www.ebay.es/itm/272584042767

It’s better than what I can make.

I’ve seen loads of bartop arcade machines mostly powered by Raspberry Pi.

This is a one-off!


My first idea was a printable bartop for a raspberry and a 5’’ LCD but after buying the 2.42 OLED i thought it would be more original. There’s a lot of raspberry bartops ready to print and build. Also the final look is so cute. I’m happy with the results.:slight_smile: