2 Color Screen Games

Has anyone made a game around this screen. It looks like the first 16 pixels are the yellow…

I think that would make a cool Menu Life Equipment area? What do you think?

Is the black bar between the yellow and blue a ‘dead’ zone with no pixels?

I haven’t seen any games with a menu bar / life / inventory across the top. The bar seems to be quite tall (16px?) which is a decent amount of real estate.

Yes it is a dead zone but doesn’t seem to be any pixel loss, there is just a gap… I have one of these screens on one of my clones. I miss ordered but it but it works just fine.

Have you not played Evade?

I’ve always been under the impression it’s some kind of coloured film and these screens are pretty much the same as all the others.

Yes … but I totally forgot about this one but it does highlight my point.

That top bar is only 7 pixels high.


The display uses the same interface chip so electrically it is identical, it is just the dopant material used for the oled pixels in that portion of the display has a different bandgap and thus emits a different wavelength of light.

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