3.65" VFD Display

Found a new display for my next Arduboy clone with a cool retro vibe:

Coming soon to a Homemade package near you


NORITAKE VFD12864 GU12864-800B.pdf (360.1 KB)


Awesome! (and what game is that??)

Where and how much did you find that for? Damn that looks amazing I wonder how much power it takes too.

It’s a visual test of one of my gameprojects, a demake of the ZX spectrum Game Booty.

@bateske New these displays are pretty pricey ($150+) but they’re also sold used for much less. Mine was $32 but ended up paying about $20 more because of customs. But still worth it. consumes about 550 - 750 mA


Current isn’t power. What voltage does it run at?

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it runs at 5V DC

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I think I have an engineering sample of that vfd kicking around somewhere, now I have a use for it!

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So roughly 40 times the power required for the Arduboy’s display.

yep. This baby sucks power. But the display is beautiful :heart_eyes:

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I also have a really nice industrial planar ~8" 512x256 EL display somewhere, this would look fabulous scaled up to fit. Unfortunately it’s a non-buffered display and requires a controller to continuously feed it display data at 60Hz and sucks something like 12W at full brightness.

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What is the refresh rate @Mr.Blinky?

Didn’t found a reference to an exact framerate. However the Frame to Frame cycle time takes 7.2ms. From this I’d say the framerate is 138.9Hz

BTW added datasheet to 1st post.

@sjm4306 Nice. I haven’t seen an EL display yet. I’d considered getting one of those bigger 4.7" 256x128 OLED displays. But those also need an additional controller (display uses two SSD1322!) to be used for an (ATMega32u4) Arduboy clone.

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This sounds like a job for a cheap little FPGA! :rofl:


A SAM3X8E (Arduino Due) can do that job (most likely for cheaper).

But I still got some SSD1306 emulation glitches to fix.
Working my way through my project backlog. Will get back on it at some point.


Not likely.


Interesting …

I have doubts about implementing a complete SSD1306 in only 1152 LUT4s; It’s a lot of addressing modes to implement.

But if we only care about the Arduboy2 lib default mode & behaviour and avoid implementing most commands it could fit.

If you are willing to halve the refresh rate you could do interleave control of the two controllers (just specifying which chip select and blast data to them, not quite sure what the max spi data rate is but I doubt the mega would saturate them either way).

But if you can get away with a little less horsepower:

For some reasons I love that big screen!

I like @Mr.Blinky 's VFD better tho.
It would look awesome in a Fallout-style steam-punk apocalyptic forearm mounted Arduboy clone.

The retro phosphor glow is really something.

With that MCU yes, not sure about the particular breakout board.
To emulate the SSD1306 properly I need two SPI slave ports to capture the state of the D/C pin as the last SPI bit is clocked in.

That MCU has 6 SPI (+other modes) ports so if the I2C port on this board can be switched to SPI input it could work.

I think there’s an interrupt when the SPI transfer starts that’d allow capture but that’s a lot more CPU time wasted than using two SPI inputs with the same clock.

EDIT: daium! It’s getting bit off-topic but $5 for a 32bit MCU AND a display

And also after “Can it run Linux?” can it show Bad Apple is now the standard MCU demo/benchmark apparently :smiley: