3-D printing a case for devkit

Hello! Since I’m planning to get my hands on a Developer Kit, I was wondering if anyone had dimensions for the Arduboy so I could draw up a case for the bare board in Inventor. I’ll put up the finished file once I’ve drawn, printed, and tested the case.

These files should get you started: http://www.bateske.com/arduboy/ArduboyPrototypeFiles.zip

They are from this thread

Also, cool avatar

@Wafflez - I have a basic model in OpenSCAD… any use?

Definitely! Can you send it to me?

It’s pretty rough- but was enough for my purpose (testing ergonomics of the original design).

Hope it helps in some way :slight_smile:

Thanks! I’ll get back to this thread once I can get this thing into Inventor and design something vaguely resembling a case around it. :smile:

The outer dimensions for the files I released are probably the only thing in common with the developer kit. I’m working on releasing 3d files for the dev kit so people can make their own cases. I’ll have to check your thing verse and see you may just have it!

We are also looking at doing a soft silicone pull-over protector that is kind of like a bumper cell phone case and selling it on the store, but I want to ship all the kickstarter units before I go creating any more side projects… :smile:

Getting the .scad file converted into a format Inventor will accept has been a real pain. While I sort things out, are there any special parameters you want the case to conform to (i.e. Arduboy logo, exposed test pads, etc.)?

Whatever you think is a good idea :smile:

Sorry everyone, but it looks like I’m not going to be able to complete the case. I don’t have enough time with computers with Inventor installed to get any meaningful work done for some time. It’s also going to be hard to change the file extension correctly so it can be read.

Well guys, I have finished with a case. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1170087 is my Dev Kit 3d Printable case I spent the weekend making and fitting perfectly.
I’ll be making revisions with styles and cosmic changes later on, but wanted to get my basic Model out there.

Enjoy :smile:


Nice work @Pteraghost I have just sent your files to my engineer to begin working on a soft silicone mold version of this :wink: If this goes into production will have to give you some mad props :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Astounding! As soon as I can get the files to my local 3-D print shop, I’m going to print everything out and pick the button caps I like best.

Hey, I removed the last files and have re-uploaded them. Below are the images of my files, need to get me more 3d filament so I can print a nicer case then my all red one I made lol.

File Download Link:

The updated files have a new case with Beveled edges and text on it to give it extra flair. It fits good together but I haven’t yet added a normal locking mech to it, just a edge which allows the top and bottom case to line up correctly. I just used a little super glue on mine and it keeps it together.

Enjoy, more to come later :slight_smile:


I like the raised logos on the new model! The smoother edges will most likely make it easier to hold in the hand. What font did you use for the lettering?

It was a Nintendo type one, I got lazy and didn’t want to model the font by hand lol.

The Font was called “NES Logo Regular” and can be downloaded at http://dl1.fontflood.com/download.ashx?guid=846368df8a614f5fb62076e3bd649868&name=629fonts_nes-logo.zip


Awesome!! Tempted to make one- even though I don’t have the DevKit anymore :wink:

Now … where did that one go ?


Maybe its being used as a hybrid upgrade to turn a standard analog watch into a digital watch! That be fun.