3D printed gothic case

I just got my Arduboy in the mail and I noticed it wasn’t gothic enough. So I made a 3D printed replacement case:

(link to Thingiverse project)

I also made a plain version, which might be useful as a starting point if you wanted to make your own custom case.


hahaha! cool. I think that print would benefit with “ironing” function in Cura slicer.

Yeah, the finish on the faces is not great. Unfortunately those are the bottom layers of the print, so ironing wouldn’t help.

I think some other filaments might work better, but the main thing that would help would be to print on blue tape or some other surface that is less shiny than my glass print bed.

Actually the shinier the surface the better. Blue tape is mostly for prints that are having trouble sticking. With a glass print bed you can actually get beautifully smooth bottom layers with some proper bed leveling. I myself have a Creality CR-10 and found the best thing for glass print beds is a glue stick. Once the print bed is warmed up all the way, but before the nozzle starts printing, apply a small amount of glue.

Really nice job though.

I might be horribly biased, but I’m particularly fond of the skull.

Is that the top :thinking:? then Z is too high :stuck_out_tongue:

The problem here was that the faces are too smooth – you can see your reflection in them, which makes the lines super visible. It might just be this particular filament, I haven’t tried anything else yet…

That up button is probably a pain to use.