3d printer recommendations

There is a big difference fiddling to tune it up to perfection or to actually get it to work. If you get a clone, you start your own journey. I am personally OK with that experience, I can enjoy spending couple of afternoon weeks tweaking my printer.

In any case, any printer will perform ok with simple small designs.

Clearly I knew all along and it was an ironic joke for those who knew the name.
(*Cue polygraph buzzing* :P)

(Now if only I could remember why I was reading that article in the first place…)

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Nothing you 3d print will be food safe without a thick coating that is food safe, and those are hard to get as most of them require that you heat them to higher temperatures than the melting point of your 3d printing material. 3d printed plastic is very porous and bacterias and germs love pores. You can make one time use items, but that’d be a waste of plastic.

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Natural PLA is made from corn starch and is generally considered food safe. However, it’s a bit more complicated than that. Some manufacturers will blend in other additives — for color, strength, or other features — that make the filament unsafe to ingest. Some PLA filaments are designated food safe, but in the first instance you should check with the manufacturer.

Then there’s stuff like lead in the brazz nozzles and so-called ‘ultrafine particles’… It’s a minefield.

And wood does not? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I would like to see somebody actually testing this with few printed materials vs normal inyected plastics pieces, metal and wood in petri dishes. Instead of on-the-fly speculations.

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I’d like to think I’m smart enough to figure out a 3d printer. The price and the lead time were the big decisions here.

I would have probably liked to get a prusa, but I think that I can make a lot of more prints before september…

We will see!

Also noisy servos won’t be a problem it’s going to live in the garage.

Lol well I was getting good prints until I wasn’t, I’m getting horrible stringing.

Tried all the software settings to no avail, so gonna have a look at the extruder head. Wondering if it’s just crappy PLA though.

Sorry I know this isn’t 3d printing forums lol

EDIT: I think it’s just goopy PLA, I’ve set the temperature down to the minimum printable temperature and it still gives strings. I found out it’s actually during “combing” when it doesn’t actually make a retraction. Making it retract between layers helped, but I’d have to turn combing off and always retract in order to compensate for the sloppy PLA.

It started out good, wonder if it absorbed moisture?

What brand fillament did you get?

monoprice lol

Alzheimer metal? :rofl:

Nah, not that fast unless you live in a swamp. Some filaments are just shittier. An easy test is just to pull the filament with the hand and feel how much pressure is needed. There is a perfect spot just before the heated filament smells tasty and sweet when is being extruded.

Yeah, this is what finally lead me to the PLA being bad… I literally CANNOT pull hard or fast enough to get it to separate. It always leaves these whispy strings behind. Even at 180 degrees… any colder and it wouldn’t melt.

It just drools out of the nozzle like crazy when it is preheating.

What is weird though is the first 10 prints I made with it came out without any issue at all, which why I was wondering if it was the moisture.

Thankfully I can fix it in software, I just have to make it retract on literally every operation I don’t want plastic strings.

Shoulda bought a laser engraver, woulda been a better investment. After printing a couple dozen parts after getting it I noticed today the 3d printer is starting to collect dust.

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I’ve not used mine in over a year after moving it into the garage.
The K40 laser cutters have a decent scene online and seem like an affordable start point.

Would be useful for making custom Arduboys. I think that’s my next quarantine hobby…

I use my printer almost every day, any solution usually considers it and my cnc, like if they were hammer and pliers. I have a second one to repair the first one just in case :joy: (it has happened).

I guess it depends on what plans you had for it. It wasn’t going to generate use by itself.

You must have a lot of brackets and pencil holders.

I have several Printers since years and still use them on a regular base. It is not only About pencil holders if you know how to use a CAD Programm. I would not want to miss them.


Never printed any of those :crazy_face: maybe brackets but because is a very generic concept. As @mameise said, you must design your own pieces.

One of the latest was those beautiful speaker covers for the arcade cabinet.


In light of recent events this is my latest 3D print (not my design, but I did paint it myself)

I got my printer mostly out of interest in miniature painting, but also small scale electronics. Nothing like being able to 3D print prototype cases.