3DPCBoy - easy to replicate

Hi, I just posted my latest project:

3DPCBoy is a cute handheld Arduboy compatible gaming device that cost around $10, is easy to build and fun to play with.

The gaming device is using a rather unique approach – is not built around a glass fiber PCB. Instead, it uses a 3D Printed Circuit Board (3DPCB). This makes it easier to replicate, less expensive and you do not need to wait for a PCB delivery.

I hope that 3DPCB will enable new ways of integrating electronics, reducing size, part count and complexity.

No special equipment or material is needed (just a FFF/FDM 3D printer, soldering station and wires.

Check my post to get a step by step guide for how to build your own. And leave feedback, allowing me to improve the design.



That looks sweet

That looks great.

Is that match a standard sized match or is it a little longer? Where is @pharap on this? He usually prefers the American currency indicators.

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At least in this case it’s universally ambiguous.

Though surely this is a case of ‘USB port for scale’? :P

Yep USB port is an absolute measure. But is that a mini or micro port ? :slight_smile:

First time I heard that term, but it looks quite clever. Better than a traditional ratnest for sure :smiley:

It’s clearly a USB 2.0 micro B.

USB ports are designed to be different shapes precisely so it’s easy to tell them apart:

You can tell it’s a micro-B rather than a micro-A because of the way the underside curves, making the port a kind of (non-regular) hexagon rather than a rounded rectangle.

The mini-A and mini-B are different shapes entirely.

And in case you don’t know how big they are, here’s a picture of multile USB connectors (and one non-USB connector) next to a ruler using centimetres, the micro-B is the one on the far left.:

(Also a good example of why rulers are the superior reference scale. :P)

Yes I knew that …

That Micro-B connector looks a little sick in the picture. So does the one to its right (the Type B Mini)

If you mean the one between the micro-B (1st left) and mini-B (3rd left),
that’s the one that isn’t actually USB, it’s some weird proprietary invention.

I think I have one for a Nikon camera or something.

It’s a standard match. The dimensions are 41x59mm (1.6x2.3 inch). Thickness is 12mm (0.45inch) over the keyboard and 16mm (0.63inch) with the display.

It is using a standard 0.96” OLED and a pro micro Arduino with micro USB interface.

Yeah, I think it has potential for building prototypes with standard 0.1” pitch. No need for a PCB and its rather self-explanatory due to the wire channels.
If you want to try it in other projects, I have some tips and more info in this post.

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Very cool. I like this, well done.

I’m very interested that the price of these homemade ones are getting so cheap.

When you do all the work yourself and only have to pay for the components (not even a PCB) the cost becomes very low :wink:

I bought components directly from Huaqiangbei during my last trip and got it even cheaper (~6$)…

For sure, but I mean I am impressed that the modules can be made and sold at these prices.

The prices for the bare components are not much less. The companies that are selling the oled and arduinos are making hundreds of thousands of them and probably only making pennies on each sale.

Hey congrats on the Hackaday Article @1337!


Thank you for posting, really appreciate it!

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Arduboy is an idea greater than itself and its spawning so many new creative things that people are making it is fascinating. I want to do a presentation / report / paper / documentary about all of the different things people have made and been inspired to do with their idea of what Arduboy can be.


I definitely agree. It’s an amazing product that I hope will continue to introduce people to electronics, programming and home brew gaming.

Let me know if there is anything i can do to help!

i’ll use it to introduce my niece into this actually, but just a little question, but one question, only pro micro i can get where i live is the 5v version, still can be done with it?