4 channel tracker music

Hi, I’m JO3RI member of together with Trodoss we create , more info on our website.

We are very interested in the development of Arduboy, so here is my small part:

While working on our on library for the TV-out shield, we managed to get 4 channel tracker music out of the speakers using nothing more than the TV-shield and it plays music without interruption or slowdown.

This is one of our games using ARGlib: Redacted

I don’t have a DEV kit yet, but I took the initial Squawk library for Arduino, made by Davey Taylor and who helped us to mix his library with the TV-out library (resulting in the ARG-library), and connected a piezo to pin 3.

So what you will hear is tracker music using only 1 pin on an Arduino, playing 4 channel music. :smile:

For this one, I converted a 3 channel Mario tune (4th channel is unused)

If Arduboy would like implement a tracker style music lib into it’s own, there is still work to do.

I’m not that good in coding, but we have done a lot of research on this already, so our knowledge might be helpful.

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Do you require the speaker to be connected to a PWM capable pin? If so, be aware that the pin(s) that the Arduboy’s speaker is connected to isn’t PWM capable.

Yes it needs to be PWM, I thought pin3 is PWM capable ? On the Leonardo Pin3 is PWM.

edit: OK now I see, it is on the analogue pins.

There is an other library too: https://github.com/Illutron/ArduinoSynth made by GeekPhysical

an example: https://vimeo.com/41439986

and other examples made by Mads Høbye