4 Pin OLED Display

I am trying to built my own Arduboy and I am thinking about buying an Arduino Pro Micro. But I already have a 4 pinned OLED display so i am wondering if I can use it with Arduboy or should I buy a 7 (or 8 I am not sure) pinned display?

Short answer: Get a 7 pin display (if you’re patient you can get one very cheap)

Arduboy uses a SPI interface to send data to the display. But your 4 pin display uses an slower I2C interface. To use that display you would need to modify the libraries.

I remember someone did modify the libraries for using an Arduino Nano with a I2C display but I can’t remember who that was and how well it works. One thing is for sure though. Some games will play slower.


This is my school project so I need to be really quick but I couldn’t find any 7 pin OLED. Instead, I found an 8 pin one (blue and yellow colored) and one Youtuber was making the Arduboy with that. Do you know the difference between them? Also thanks for the answer:)

If I use Arduino Uno and connect the buttons to the same inputs would it work? I think Nano and Uno have the same microcontroller but should I make some changes to use this library on Uno?

Yes, the Nano and Uno have same processor and pin designations. I don’t think any changes to the harbaum library will be needed.

I couldn’t understand how to use this library. Explanations describe the Arduboy2 library but not the Slimboy.

I don’t think this library compiles for a combination of 32u4 and i2c oled without modifications.

Assuming you’re using an UNO, and have wired it to match the Fritzing diagram given in the harbaum repository (substituting the UNO for the Nano), I think you just have to copy the files from this library in place of the original Arduboy2 library in the Arduino/libraries folder.

I’ve used this with a Pro Mini clone and a nano so would assume it works pretty much with any 328p

The git also links to some modified audio libraries.

@ecozabeth to use you need to download put the library into your libraries folder.