8bit game development platforms

Hey all,
What other platforms are there to develop for and play C/C++ 8bit games?

I would love something like GB Studio to support programming, I love the idea of programming a game that you can play in software (emulator or web/binary) and also on a physical device.

Ideally I would like to find platforms that are currently being worked on and have a decent community!


It’s a little out of subject of this forum but for esp 8266 (for espboy for example), you have this: https://corax89.github.io/esp8266Game/index.html (this is a lge to integrate programs, graphics, sounds, asw.) it’s not perfect, it’s can be perfected but it’s already fine and you can emulate as you can do on Arduboy. It’s open source and you can contribute here: https://github.com/ESPboy-edu/ESPboy_little_game_engine
Else you have an 8 bit IDE for nes here: https://github.com/christopherpow/nesicide
It contains a fully-integrated NES emulator, . complete exposure of the emulated NES components in several graphical and informational debuggers, source code editor, graphics editor, interface to the popular CC65 6502 compiler toolchain [available
separately], source stepping in C, assembly, or mixed-mode, breakpoints

i don’t know other (i don’t remember without counting the virtual machines)


https://8bitworkshop.com/ is a really nice web-based IDE for a bunch of computer/console platforms. Depending on the system, it supports C, at least, but the 6502 tended to be a bad fit for C/C++ code due to its limited stack.