A_BUTTON doesn't work after uploading Arduboy Gamepad

Hello, Guys.
Today, 20th December 2016 i have uploaded Arduboy Gamepad Sketch to test it.
When i have uploaded it i noticed that it doesn’t work well.
After i have installed ArduSnake to test it , I realized that was not working the key A_BUTTON :frowning:

What i have tried :

  • Clean EEPROM;
  • Disassembled Arduboy to test hardware;

What i think is the problem :

When I was hacking with Arduboy Gamepad I “accidentally” modified settings by assigning anything to A_BUTTON and now I do not know how to restore it :frowning: Help me please …

-P3RISH (Mattia Colasanto);

Easiest way, would be to re-download the Arduboy library, that should restore all of the settings.


Does the A button work with the Buttons example sketch included with the Arduboy and Arduboy2 libraries?

File > Examples > Arduboy2 > Buttons


File > Examples > Arduboy > Buttons

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No, it does not work the same :frowning: @MLXXXp

If all the other buttons work but the A button doesn’t, then it looks like a hardware problem.

But this morning I was using them all and they were working, but immediately after installing arduboy gamepad something has changed … @MLXXXp

This method doesn’t work :frowning: any other ideas ?

An older sketch can’t affect the operation of a newer loaded sketch except through values in EEPROM. The Buttons example doesn’t use EEPROM so all the buttons should work.

Oh , now all it’s clear ! There is an hardware problem :persevere: how can i solve it ?


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Just to make sure I’m following the conversation correctly… You said that uploading a new game does not resolve the A button not being recognized, correct?

All sorted out boys, it was enough just to remove some dust from the button and press it stronger, thanks anyway :wink:


Excellent repairs @P3RISH we hold a special place in our hearts for people who are able to fix things! :slight_smile:

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