A full VT220 serial terminal emulator


This is my first entry into the Arduboy community to which I was introduced by my colleague @eried . We’re building a full VT220 serial terminal emulator for the Arduboy (and other Arduinos with screens). Bascially, it allows you to hook the Arduboy up to a Linux system, like a RaspberryPI or OrangePI, or another Arduino, and act as a simple text screen & keyboard. Our goal is to turn your Arduboy into a debugging tool for all your embedded systems around the house and on the go!

The buttons are programmable at run time from the Linux system, there is a simple on screen keyboard, and there is full Unicode support.

We are putting the code up now on our GitHub repo, but will continue coding and bugfixing :slight_smile:


By the way this is out entry for #games:game-jam-4 as @bateske might remember from emails we chatted about this, and (it seemed impossible) but we (mostly Egil) ended porting the VT220 terminal that was originally running on an ESP8266. It was basically @redhog doing a lot of tricks to fit almost everything in the Arduboy (speed and size-size is a big constrain comparing those two platforms)

So, what would people here would like to see (and to vote this as a winner for the gamejam ofc :rofl: ) as an example running on it?:

  • System monitor (CPU/RAM)
  • Process manager
  • Network monitor
  • Interactive text based game
  • Some debugging example
  • Some other menu system

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We started this VT220 serial terminal emulator as the “screen technology” for an AIS collector prototype (the device runs ubuntu in an OrangePi, and communicates with it)

Version 0.2 (does not do much here, it needs serial)
TTyGO.arduino.avr.leonardo.hex (62.5 KB)

This is a really interesting concept.

Will you be able to implement SSL?

Hm, not sure if something like https://www.arduino.cc/en/Reference/WiFi101SSLClient would fit on the arduino, but we could try. However, ssh != ssl, so I’m not sure how useful just slapping that on would be?

Right, sorry I thought SSH used SSL but after a quick google I realise my mistake.