A Homemade Arduboy: Ardumate

I have been thinking about making my own arduboy clone for sometime, but never had time for it. Finally after some determination, I am presenting the ARDUMATE, a bigger clone :slight_smile:

compared with original arduboy, the major differences are:

1, display:2.42 OLED
2, mcu: atmega1284p(DIP), 128 KB flash, 4 KB EEPROM, 16 KB SRAM
3, Sensors: ds18b20, H3LIS331
4, a 24-serie I2C eeprom and a 25-serie flash
5, inputs: 8 buttons instead of 4
6, additional place for an encoder
7, socket for a nRF24L01 module
8, use ftdi ft232r usb serial to connect to PC
9, SD card slot
10, USB stack removed for arduboy library

not tested:
4, 24-serie I2C eeprom and 25-serie flash
6, encoder
11, sound (no PIEZO)

whats working:
1, most hardware
2, arduboy2 library(except for sound support, issue with timer)
3, Tiny Lisp Computer 2

I understand mixing DIP and SMD packages is not ideal. but the choices are more or less based on what I have in stock.

This is an opensource project, all sources will be available after all hardware tests.

2023-10-21 update

I have finished testing the initial version, so far almost everything is working as expected, except for the usb to serial converter ft232r, it takes 1 or 2 tries to be successfully recognized on a windows PC, not sure why. Also the current measurement shunt resistor is added to the wrong place.

The PCB files has been published on github, please note the design has not been reviewed, use at your discretion. I appreciate anyone who gives comments on improvements.

I also recorded two test demos, one for encoder, one for accelerometer.

The software needs a little more time, stay tuned.


Really nice clone! Good job with the PCB, it looks fantastic! I prefer bigger Arduboys too, they’re more practical and easier to hold and play games on. To me, small Arduboys are just gimmicks. SD card is a great addition! One thing I would suggest is to maybe make the PCB a bit longer or move the buttons up so that the rest of your hand can hold the Ardumate. That way it won’t be top-heavy and it’ll be much more comfortable to hold. Maybe for version 2. Really good job with the Ardumate!

What an Ardu-chonker holy cow! There is a lot going on here! Incredible feature set!

This reminds me of the meme I made of an Arduboy that had everything including kitchen sink and roller blades, I think it had bottle rockets or something too - I was trying to find the photo it’s here in the community though.

At first I just thought it was the display but it’s totally new chip and everything. Nice work!

A very interesting spec.

I’m pretty sure @mr.blinky has suggested I look at this chip before? He told me there is some other atmega chip that is similar that has more memory.

That was the newer series atmega4808/9 and avr128xx48/64.

The button placement adjustment is a good idea, the problem is the through hole components. I want a place for an encoder, plus the size of the display, and the size limit of 100x100mm, the current version is a compromise.

Although the current PCB is not optimized, at the moment I don’t have a plan for version 2 yet, the software change alone is going to be a huge workload. But I already have some ideas, maybe all SMD components, or add more sensors. My idea for it is to be more than playing games,but not sure what it can be yet.

the CPU is chosen so that the effort to port the arduboy2 lib is low :sunny: