A little platformer that I made

It’s not much more than a few levels with a couple of different themes, let me know what you think!

platformer.hex (76.5 KB)


Cute! It’s well done I like the artwork!


Really lovely design and great ‘feel’ (physics) when platforming. Graphics are amazing. Do you think you might share the source code? :slight_smile:


Thanks! I might share the source if I can find the time. It would take a reasonable amount of work to get it cleaned up and organized into something I could share.

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Nice game, the gameplay itself is very good, its a good plataformer for sure. The characters and themes are very cute and have a neat style. Even the level design is great.
I dont know what you gonna do to finish this game but for its a complete game(it just need a menu for credits and maybe to choose levels).

Btw whats gonna be the name of the game? the main character looks like a cat and when they die looks like they were made out of a string or like a magic drawing.

Good job! I really like the graphics!

This is adorable! Love the art & gameplay is very smooth, nice job!!

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Thanks! Unfortunately this is probably as complete as the game will likely ever be. I made it for my partner, and this is just the version with the personal stuff stripped out.


Wow, this is actually hard for me! I love the graphics and especially the animation, and I haven’t ever made physics as great as this. Great job on this game!

This is very cool I love the art and particle’s and all of the cool effects.

Thanks for the feedback, I’m glad to hear you enjoyed it!

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This game is really cute, but pretty brutal… :sob: Why do rabbits kill you?? I couldn’t get past level 2…

EDIT: Honestly, I think this is one of the pretties Arduboy games, even if you don’t say that you’re done.

Not a Monty Python fan?


Just look at the bones!

Do rabbits not kill people? I was working under the assumption that The Quest for the Holy Grail was a historical documentary.


This is an awesome little game.

This game is so cool, and like everyone said it looks great too! And I second a request for the source code, I’d love to learn how you did it - even if it’s scrappily put together haha

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