A simple flood fill game

Hi all, I recently created a flood fill game for my Arduboy and wanted to share it and hopefully receive some feedback! I have only tested this on a production unit.

I have the .ino file on my github. Screenshots are available there as well.

Flood Fill


This is a simple flood fill game for the Arduboy.

Starting from the top-left tile, the goal is to flood the entire board until there is only one pattern.

There are 999 levels. Each level has a limit of 20 moves.

How to Play

Title Screen

  • Press UP or DOWN to change the level by one.
  • Press LEFT or RIGHT to change the level by 10.
  • Press A to start.

Game Screen

  • Press UP, DOWN, LEFT or RIGHT to select a tile to flood.
  • Press A to flood the board (starting in the upper left corner) with the tile you selected.
  • Press B to return to the title screen.

Special thanks to @crait for the ToChars tool, it was very useful!


I was waiting for a FloodIt-type game! Very cool! I’m going to have to install this and test it out.

Holy cow. I thought Circuit Dude had a lot!

Cool! I’m glad that someone finally was able to use it for their game! :smiley:

I use the level as a seed to randomly generate the tiles on the board, so there could be an obscenely large number of levels. I figured 999 was overkill enough, haha.

I have only tested about 50-ish levels so far to make sure each one is solvable.

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I see patterns! Its like a quilt!