A wiki needed to cover Arduboy tech specs

It would be nice to have wiki that would cover Arduboy specs. Is there any chance that Arduboy team will host it? Otherwise I would create a wiki myself this weekend. No matter if it would be temporary or long running affair it is needed to avoid overwhelming quantity questions “how to do this basic stuff”

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Hey @catmeows - we certainly can host a wiki. It’s been a toss up between leveraging discourse to do the wiki, or using a wikimedia page. I’m going to setup a test wiki post to see what its all about, and go from there. Otherwise expect one on wiki.arduboy.com in the near future.

hey @catmeows good suggestion! We are looking at the right way to implement it and its awesome if you want to contribute for it. We are in super beta mode with getting all this stuff out to you and our other awesome developers… but please don’t hesitate to give us a shout if you need any help! Thanks!

Along the lines of specs. Any chance we can get some early specs on the screen it self? What’s it sync hz and pixel response time? Have you guys done any experiments on creating shades of grey by flipping pixels on and off?

Nice, I can help with the wiki!

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Hey guys! This is great we will for sure have a wiki coming next week!

For now here is a link to screen we are using, check the data sheets down on the bottom of the page:


More soon!