AAStudio - ARDUBOY Art Studio (sprite design tool)

Here is my small contribution to this community: a sprite designer tool written in C#. Since you can get a Community Edition for Visual Studio: it might help some of you (I hope…)

It’s available on https://github.com/sbollaerts/AAStudio. Have a look on the wiki for more information.


Thanks very much Serge, I look forward to trying it out on my little project

Great work … does it generate the image data?

It does indeed:

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Ah very good … I wish it would run on my Mac!

And can someone create a nice icon for @sbollaerts as the default icon isn’t doing it for me.

Yes it does: it’s the function “copy to clipboard”. More doc on the wiki: https://github.com/sbollaerts/AAStudio/wiki/Concepts-explained:-toolbox#copy-current-sprite


Like this?

If @sbollaerts is interested in having a custom icon, I’d happily turn that into a proper icon (with proper alternate sizes) and donate it (and even tweak it a bit if need be).

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I was having a go st myself when I made this comment. As you know, I have a C# app that needs an icon!

It’s pretty straightforward for Windows, I usually design in Paint and use GIMP to make the actual .ico.

I don’t know how OS X handles icons though, whether it uses .ico or some other format.

Oops … type, I was having a go at myself when I made this comment.

Anyhow, the mechanics are easy but the artwork hard.

what program do i need to open AAStudio?


You need Microsoft Visual Studio Community Edition. I can create an installer but I don’t want to be the source of any potential virus infection…

it’s ok, i just want to make sprites easier :slight_smile: