[AB FUN TOOL] - Protect with an Android-Style Sequence your own Arduboy!

Hello Community of Arduboy!

After few weeks of development and debugging I’m proud to present a real Android-Style lockscreen for the Arduboy platform.

Now, let’s go ahead with the usage of this cool tool :smile:

  1. Download the source code from the Github repository linked below:

  2. Remove the branch “-master” from the folder downloaded, and go trough the /scr folder and upload the .ino file into your own Arduboy.

  3. At this point it is advisable to clean the EEPROM using a tool courtesy of @crait :slight_smile: : http://crait.net/download.php?file=ArduboyAssistant.ino (consider that this step is not mandatory, but it is done only in order to ensure proper performance of the tool).

  4. Once you’ve loaded the file .ino, for the first time, you will see this screen which means that the user must enter for the first time, a sequence, using the directional keys and the ‘A’ button to draw a line. :slight_smile:

    When you have finished to set the sequence, just press UP and DOWN button to save it and go straight to the check screen.

  5. After configuring the sequence, you’ll find yourself in the check screen, here you have to enter the correct sequence confirming it with the UP and DOWN buttons, in case the sequence was wrong will appear a cross and then you will be invited back to reinsert the sequence. :slight_smile:

  6. Now assuming you’ve confirmed the exact sequence, you will see a screen that shows the Arduboy was unlocked. Here you have two choices:

  • Button A: Reset the EEPROM and obviously the sequence.

  • Button B: Reinsert the current sequence.

  1. Have Fun!

Video :video_camera:

Troubleshooting :wrench:

In case you forget the sequence set need not worry!

Open the file AB02-LOCKSCREEN and place your cursor in the section void setup(), but attention, you have to place your cursor before the Serial.begin(9600); line.

Then paste this code:

for(uint8_t i = 0; i != 1024; i++)
 EEPROM.write(i, 0);

After this, upload the sketch on your Arduboy!


For each Curiosities and Question, I’ll be happy to answer them.

Greeting @P3RISH. :smiley:

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This would be cool in the bootloader. :slight_smile:

“Please unlock your Arduboy to reflash it.” LOL

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i agree to that! but not much point in it anywhere else

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so you can add this to lets say Mystic Balloon and it will only play after you unlocked your Arduboy?

I’m Italian, I don’t understand you reply , can you repeat this in a better way ? :slight_smile: @Celinebins

can you add the code for this Android style lockscreen on other (game) sketches so that when you turn on your Arduboy, you have to unlock it before you can play the game you just uploaded?

as is no, it would need some changes as all this does is clear eeprom if you put in the right code

but assuming the game you want to add it too is small enough, and you changed the code to not clear eeprom but rater switch the GameState yes

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Yes, Obviously without overload the 1K EEPROM !

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The sketch that I have written is just for fun, if you want you can apply whatever modify you want ! :slight_smile: