About the Dev language

Hey guys, I’m just a noob for dev games…I have some basic questions for dev games on Ardunio IDE

1.Which program language should I must learn for dev games on Arduboy? Is it JS?
2.I haven’t seen any tool can make me easier to creat UI or something else like Unity, should I must code everything by myself?

(Specifically C++11.)
(With a few differences because of how .ino files are handled by the Arduino IDE.)

There aren’t any tools like Scratch or Unity, you must write the code yourself.
But there are code libraries available to make things easier.

There is a series of tutorials to get you started:

And the Arduboy magazine is often full of advice.


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Very appreciate for sharing me with these tutorials :slight_smile:

But I haven’t any experience about C++ language, looks like I have a very long way to go :frowning:

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Everyone starts somewhere.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

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That is so relieving… :joy:

@razorsammo in a couple of hours you could be making a game. Start with the tutorials

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lol, I’ll try my best to learn it! :smile:

Cool! I’m checking the tutorials ,too excited to sleep for all night lol

@Pharap @eried
I’ve got a sharing link from @MLXXXp

Looks so great!

Does arduboy support some other program language? like JS or C# lol


Arduino devices use C++ because C++ gives a good balance of high-level things (like classes) and low level things (like pointers).
The code can be structured and still communicate directly with hardware.

C# is reliant on its garbage collector, and Javascript is dynamically typed, so neither are a particularly good match for something with a small amount of memory.


OK, I’ll try to learn C++ ,thanks bro :smile:

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