About the Issues category


##Should I post?
Bug reporting for the Arduboy platform and codebase

If you have a logic error, and think it might be an arduboy codebase problem; probably best to post in development. The issue can be escalated if need be.

Issues posted here will generally be of high importance, and require more immediate resolution. Topics which relate to development, such as questions about how to implement a feature, or solving a problem with code you’ve written, should be in the development category. We would like to keep this category strictly for true outstanding issues that effect or originate from the Arduboy. If you created an issue and you don’t see it anymore, it has probably been moved to the development category.

When using this category, try to clearly state what conditions were needed to create the problem. Describe the problem. Did you attempt to resolve it? Describe the process if any. Make sure to include in relevant output or code.

Don’t be offended if an administrator applies formatting to your initial post. Records of every edit available through the forum interface, we would just like to keep the issue posts moderately consistent and legible.