Access Charging Indicator?

Is it possible to access the charging indicator LED in-code? I would love to know what the digitalWrite(CHARGE_LED, LOW); equivalent would be.

Over 6 months ago, @bateske said he would be releasing the schematics before too long, but to my knowledge he still hasn’t. So I can’t say for sure but it’s very probable that the answer is no.

I was actually looking at that skematic before and didn’t notice anything of value when it came to this. I hope this is something that we can access in-software some way or anyother.

Trying to finish shipping the pre-orders before sitting down and cleaning up the files, but that should be next couple of weeks!

I’m pretty sure the charge LED is attached directly to the charge control chip, not the processor. I doubt the charge controller has any interface to the processor.

You could probably easily wire a hack that connects the charge LED signal to an unused digital input and then be able to read its state. It would take a more serious modification to be able to control the charge LED via the processor.

Oh, poo poo. Not problem. It would be too much hassle, then. :stuck_out_tongue: