Adafruit Mini Color TFT with Joystick FeatherWing

Continuing the discussion from 1-Bit Rogue for Arduboy:

The colour display made me think of this (0.96" 160x80 TFT with a joystick and two buttons ready to go - instant colour Arduboy!):



…it is meant to be used as a ‘shield’ with one of the feather boards, but the ATSAMD09 chip on-board that is being used as an ‘I/O expander’ could easily run some of the less-PROGMEM-heavy Arduboy games:

ARM Cortex-M0+ / 48MHz / 16KB Flash / 4KB RAM

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I prefer buying the modules independently, if the module are not Arduboy compatible.
Trying to make the smallest Arduboy. Didnt’t work :clown_face:
But, you can squeeze a lot of things when you use Arduino Micro and double sided board.
But yeah, the Arduboy’s board can be shrunk by 50% if circuits are re-routed
but that make controls extra difficult
I assume you need magnifying glass for the screen… if you really wanted to play this as a Arduboy.

back to the display, a quick search on Amazon provided with “juicy” results:
I like the idea of a OLED(you say it is “organic”, but if talking chemically, anything that contain carbon is organic. It’s essentially some fancy plastic with LED components in between)
so it is NOT glass? (but you shouldn’t be smacking it with a hammer, it’s delicate, still.)
Speaking of “organic”, your Arduboy is organic. (Because plastic contain carbon!)
Nothing to afraid. (like it won’t rot away. Most of the time.)



I also see a tft screen (don’t really like them)

Very cool display!

I liked it.

And the size is comfortable.

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