Adding a 2,600 mAh battery

I’m really not willing to start a thread. But I feel like I need to.

I just gave my Arduboy another upgrade. A SERIOUS upgrade of a 2,600mah Li-ion (soft pack) battery salvaged from a useless credit card power bank.

Asteroid game as I am playing

Ignore the fragile battery tabs under the smash-proof PVC cover I made in 2 minutes …

It has ran for 1 (24 hours) already, and the battery dropped from … 4542 unit to 4187. At (or below)3700 it will be considered at 0%.

1 day.

And it still have some 90% juice left …
What am I going to do with this 2,600 mah stuff? This is absolutely overkill. (at least 15x from the 175-ish original battery)
Uh … do we have a Tamagotchi here? Or do I have to write my own?
I don’t really have time to write my own, although I kind of want to.
Too many projects. I still have a driving stuff, the game pack, a side-scrolling space shooter and others.
AND the Asteroid update.

What games are you all playing?


lolz. and I thought my 1800mAh was already overkill. I just don’t seem to be able to fully discharge it. :joy:

Haha this is crazy but pretty cool

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in case say you get buried under some rubble in earthquake (such as folks in California as of today, hope that they are not hit hard), you have this sound-emitting stuff that will work for more than 96 hours. Also is flashlight.

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One question; Why?

I think this is definitely one of those scenarios where if you have to ask, this isn’t for you :P

I used a 2,600mah battery in my first Arduino based game system (used an 8x8 bi-color dot matrix display and 4-digit 7-segment display) and it didn’t die until it accidentally got turned on in my backpack. The Arduboy seems to use about the same amount of power that thing used so I would guess you’re likely to see at least 100 hours under normal use. If you play something that’s pretty cpu intensive (maybe something like Starduino), or put it in flashlight mode (biggest battery drain) then you still have a flashlight that lasts for at least a solid 20 hours.

How long did it eventually last?


I mean, you do you, I’m pleased with the charge time of my regular 180mAh battery.

First, @TheWaferMan.
I am glad that you responded, but this thread had not been active for 10 months, so the forum consider it to be “dead”. Unless there is anything really important (there really aren’t), please don’t reply to it.

Because the original battery died and I had no replacement.
I now had a 450Mah, but that one is currently … powering a Palm V.
Now, to Tuxinator2009.

Interesting speculation. Although, what I really wanted is to give Arduboy a battery small enough, it won’t be a hassle (and dangerous thing) to put it in the pocket (or wallet) like it is designed to.
Having a unprotected 2,600 soft pack hanging bare is just too dangerous. Plus, battery contacts are really weak, too.

Says the person who just replied 28 days later… :P


right … but my V*N had been dead for so long, too … :slightly_smiling_face:

Power bank and USB cord should work find right? If the battery dies on that beast we could strap car battery to that and call it day!

The idea of a always on game that you get the highest score until it dies sounds fun to program. My mind is really going now! Speed runs!

Does it count if I wire it into my electric skateboard? It might last several years.


@CDR_Xavier Alright… im inspired. Attempting a tamagotchi clone. @bateske Might have to make a Arduboy clone after all. Do you think an e-ink display would work with the Arduboy2 library?

Not as-is. The display driver is part of the library. You could port it to a different display (several have been done) but I’m not aware of any eink because of the low refresh rate.


@tonym128 Has already done it!

Although, with an ESP32…

And the more important caveat:

Full screen refresh is 3 seconds. Fast Screen Update is 300ms, so looking at 3 fps.

Hence why he used Dark & Under as an example game.