Adding a 2,600 mAh battery

I’m really not willing to start a thread. But I feel like I need to.

I just gave my Arduboy another upgrade. A SERIOUS upgrade of a 2,600mah Li-ion (soft pack) battery salvaged from a useless credit card power bank.

Asteroid game as I am playing

Ignore the fragile battery tabs under the smash-proof PVC cover I made in 2 minutes …

It has ran for 1 (24 hours) already, and the battery dropped from … 4542 unit to 4187. At (or below)3700 it will be considered at 0%.

1 day.

And it still have some 90% juice left …
What am I going to do with this 2,600 mah stuff? This is absolutely overkill. (at least 15x from the 175-ish original battery)
Uh … do we have a Tamagotchi here? Or do I have to write my own?
I don’t really have time to write my own, although I kind of want to.
Too many projects. I still have a driving stuff, the game pack, a side-scrolling space shooter and others.
AND the Asteroid update.

What games are you all playing?


lolz. and I thought my 1800mAh was already overkill. I just don’t seem to be able to fully discharge it. :joy:

okay so somehow the forum worked from my iPad! (applause)
uh … maybe thank to Bateske.

TWO THREE days now …

4.057V way to go …

I really need to get my utility thing to work …
Maybe I should consider publishing it first?

Haha this is crazy but pretty cool

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in case say you get buried under some rubble in earthquake (such as folks in California as of today, hope that they are not hit hard), you have this sound-emitting stuff that will work for more than 96 hours. Also is flashlight.

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