Adding games

Hi I’m new and thinking about purchasing the Arduboy FX. I know with the original Arduboy you could add games. I understand that the FX model comes with 200 pre-installed games, and I was just wondering if there is a way to install new games on the FX model. (I have no experience with soldering or coding, so I’m a complete beginner :neutral_face:).

The best guide we have right now is here:

Hoping to have an app that does it all like magic soon!

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If you are developing or just wanting to test a game out, you can simply flash a new game to the unit using the Arduino IDE or this:

@crait Easy to use GUI program Arduboy Manager 2.0 Released!

If you want to be able to swap between games - including your new one - then you can create a new cart image using the Arduboy FX Cart link above.

Will that automatically include all the games that where there from the delivery, and make it possible to add and delete from it?

When you flash a new cart, the old cart is overwritten. The build your own FX image site @bateske mentioned includes all (possibly excluding a few titles) games currently released, so you don’t have to worry about losing anything (in terms of games).

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Thanks @Ard_Flamingo.

I have now looked through the carts, and it seems that the The whole enchilda cart includes everything that was delivered (plus some more :+1: ).

So, I can now add some more myself without risking loosing any good one I have not tested yet.

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