Adding infrared (IR) communication

IR LED and transceiver that would fit.

I could not find a transceiver package but discrete LEDs would work. Couldn’t find any right angle ones that were slim enough to fit under the front case.

How far away could it work with small chip LEDS? Probably not like a remote control? Maybe?

Do you mean BTLE? or a IR LED driver?

Oh snap finally found something…

This but what about the receiver?

You mean one of these?

(Sparkfun actually has an entire infrared category.)

If you want something that would fit in your current enclosure, here’s the TSSP57P38TT1

You can add another flex PCB for the LED and IR receiver. Launch the Arduboy FX RX TX.
BTW the TSSP is not designed for data reception as much as the TSOP family, but just had these on inventory and wanted to show that you can get small IR receiver ICs, so I’m sure you can find something suitable. GAMOO is currently designed around through hole IR receiver and LEDs.

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Here’s the TSOP equivalent


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Yes, I had assumed those would be too big to sit inside the existing enclosure but the side looking versions are only 2mm high. Might fit?

A little hand mill will successfully do the job, I believe :slight_smile:

Yes howver given that some people may like the option not to use powertools it may be benifical to look for an option which allows for it and doesent have the posibility of horribly and irraversably mangling the outer case