Addressable LED

Considering switching to a matrix of addressable LED instead of the single RGB but it is fraught with challenges.

The one I hit today and could use some feedback on is that the LED have about 1mA of Q current when off, so if there were 6 of them, they could easily consume more current while off than the mcu does while operating.

So I’m kind of thinking that is a nail in the coffin for these.

I started looking at current consumption while on, and even more than 5 on full
brightness might take more current than the battery can output.

Considered maybe putting a fet on the power supply to the addressable leds?

Seems like this is a non-feature? Feedback?

2¢ ~
Not sure the intended use of this? The RGB LED has not been extensively used by the community… plus there is already 128x64 LED matrix on the device :wink:
Battery life is essential for me…

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It would cool to make it sparkle in different colors I suppose you are right nobody really used the rgb. It would be cool to make it light up for events or certain reaction to things but yeah a single LED is probably fine.


which have negligible uA of a few current draw when off. And are also only 1mm square.

The idea would place them kind of around the perimeter of the frame in some way so the entire plastic case would seem to glow.

Your statement supports it being a non-feature though.

This is exactly the solution of multiple addressable LEDs around the perimeter of the case used in Gamebuino META.
I have ported more than 20 games from Gamebuono META to ESPboy and only two games used all these LEDs for visual effects. Most games only use one LED. The ESPboy also uses one addressable LED.


Awesome, thanks for the input! No addressable LED! But… I am trying to put… INFRARED LED!!!


An infrared LED with an infrared sensor would be all that’s necessary to start making basic multiplayer games. Probably nothing realtime, but turn-based games ought to be fine assuming transmission time isn’t too terrible.


I can confirm that an array of ~600 sk6805-ec15’s get surprisingly warm when powered but displaying nothing … not ideal for battery powered applications.

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If holding two Arduboys very close to each other isn’t an issue, then this is already possible using the RGB LED. Likely only practical for turn based games, though.

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Mostly I’m interested in the ability to use it as a remote control. Multiplayer is kind of a bonus, the link cable will be better for that anyways.

Not 100% on IR cuz I’ve got some manufacturing challenges need to check on costs but I think it would be awesome to control TV or smart home stuff with it. If you have extra Arduboy you can leave it hooked up usb-c and control stuff.


Recently made this little guy for a tv I picked up that didn’t have its remote, if you could add an ir led and receiver that’d make the arduboy an awesome programmable remote!