AI bot invasion

Did you see this? This pretty clearly is a LLM that scraped the forum or at least the post to create this.

The future is upon us

Oh and thanks for flagging it!

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Ha … they forgot to add the ‘make it sound casual’ clause to the end of their request.

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Yep, saw it and flagged it. Also I note it’s an edited comment - I did like a pretty benign comment on this thread that’s then been edited with more detail and the scam link.


The use of AI is mundane. The more interesting thing is how this was actually pulled off…

The system actually flagged up the comment before it was posted, at which point the comment was just “your game is fantastic!”.

I accepted it because it looked like one of those occasional cases where the system is a bit overzealous and flags someone just for commenting shortly after having created an account (which happens fairly regularly).

The malicious content was then edited in after-the-fact, when the comment had already been allowed through.

That’s quite clever, and something we’re going to have to keep an eye out for in future.
(Though with any luck it won’t be something that happens often.)

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AI Bot Invasion actually sounds like a good name for a new game.


A.I. = Arduboy Invasion!

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Yeah seems to be a bot specifically for attacking discourse forums.

I would think you could filter a lot of bots by just not allowing gibberish email addresses.

Or a band.