Alice Catches Cards - Game Jam 5

alice_catches_cards.hex (33.7 KB)

Please catch cards for Alice-chan :grinning:

This is the game for the Arduboy Game Jam 5.



  • Pressed [A] once: Turn. if you turn three times, it is changed “target card”.
  • Pressed [A] twice: Catching the card. you must choice same “target card”.
  • Pressed [B]: Dash!

Sometimes, ”JO” joker appears as a “target card”. It is “JOKER”.
Therefore you can catch any card.

If you can’t find the same card as ”target card", make three turns and it will change.

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Is this based on a different game? I think the controls would make more sense if the “catch card” button was the up button.

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I was going to make a game like “apple catcher” on scratch :sweat_smile:
Screenshot at 2020-08-30 18-25-07

Thank you! Suggestions for the controls!
Actually,I thought it would be nice to operate with only one hand :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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A tad strange, but nice graphics.


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Strange? It might be … haha :smile:


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