All of the arduboy games

Yeah, they pulled them from your site is all. I guess your site files aren’t pulled from Github, so lack the license file. Having said that though, the few I opened, the license is at the top of the file for each .ino file.

Nice comment, I think that pretty well captures the trajectory we are on at the moment. When we have a public API up and hosted on the main domain, one that users can build personal clients around, most developers will have put their games through the ringer on the forums and will be ready to submit them. Either they will upload the compiled hex or pull a hex from a build server.

We still are discussing the Arduboy library implementation itself, and moving forward with it, so one of the big draws around waiting for an official game resource delivered through an API, is that we hope to add games that work across the board for the Arduboy, and match the Arduboy API or override appropriately, and put high emphasis on those games for an official list. Right now there is a decent amount of mismatch that is happening with the API, which should definitely be minimized before saying we support a single list of games.

yes, this would be a good decision. i already collected every game working on the arduboy 1.0. all tested but i didn’t post because i was thinking about that fact that not everyone wants their games distributed that way

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@ekem true … so I removed my post.

I do agree with what @scootmatt says

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The license we use with Arduboy is pretty open, you can pretty much do what you like with the source. It’s BSD.

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For sure, thanks. I just don’t want to destroy the users efforts in a single blow.

And yeah see the post above about a current rubric. There are reasons we don’t have any list on the main domain yet, and are really trying to get people talking about their games through the forums first.

We can also try to develop the Aduboy Arcade API publicly, I can work towards setting up a basic repo so people will have an idea of what it will look like.

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Someone feeling the need to do this should be an indication that an online catalog is necessary for some people.

This is the same reason why I’m asking developers before adding their software to my online repo. :slight_smile: I’ve finished it all except the serial communication.


OK,so what do I do? Just remove the TEAMarg games or do I just turn off the link?Can I just make a text file to give all of the credits who made the game?I’m really sorry guys.I didn’t mean to get this whole thing into a big mess.

It’s ultimately up to you, but @JO3RI has requested that you simply remove Team ARG’s games from your file. It’s always best to respect the developer’s wishes in this instance, so removing those games will probably be best. Maybe check around with the rest of the developers, too. They probably will be alright with you re-posting their work.

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ok, I will post a new link soon


@ethancawse and @crait thank you both of you.
I know you don’t mean any harm and I’m very pleased with your understanding !


I have taken off all of the teamarg games and making a licence.

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Look at the top.I posted a new link

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hope these games are OK.I Dont want to get yelled at again.

Sorry to give you the impression that someone yelled at you @ethancawse, the effort is appreciated! But welcome to the world of FOSS! You do have to be careful and read licenses these days. It’s an important part establishing credibility. In 5 years someone might find your zip and might like to know who created all these games. They might end up thinking it was you if there were no licenses. And in some cases it may not even be legal to repackage software that another developer has written.

Anyway, don’t fret and thanks for pressing on! I moved your topic to the #arduboy section proper, as we would like to keep the games category one topic per release, and topics not a release go to other categories. This helps keep the discussion on the games or game feedback.


There has been a lot of new games that have been coming out lately so, I have a new link of the compiled and working games here:

Still no Team a.r.g games and I took out the licence.


Can you repost? I can’t find another list like this anywhere.

Try these links:

I cannot update my post in that thread. Some kind of permissions error on the forum. Otherwise, I would have kept it up to date.

Sure, I will post another link

Here is the new link:

If It does not have all the games, leave a message. Hope you enjoy!!!

EDIT: New link With New Games!!! Enjoy!!!

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