Almost three weeks, no Arduboy?

I was told to notify someone if my Arduboy was not here within three weeks. It (for me) has also appeared to have dropped off of tracking from Signpost completely. Really disheartening to see.

My tracking number took 8 days to go from nothing to “we’ve got it”, then 2 days later went to “we’ve shipped it”, and now it doesn’t work either. :astonished:

I wouldn’t put much stock in the SingPost website. I’m sure it’ll turn up eventually.

Alright, it finally came in. It looks like it got caught in a conveyor belt, but the Arduboy is safe!

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Hang in there! Sorry about Singapore Post, we are working on signing up with a larger carrier but this was what we came up with for kickstarter.

We actually found out some units that had tracking numbers generated had not even left China as of this last weekend, so there is still some waiting for some backers and we apologize for this!

We are talking with several fulfillment services including amazon to handle warehousing and shipping of units once they are in stock so hopefully that should help too!

I don’t think there is any decent shipping service out of China. I find that most of the time, when a package says it’s left the country, it’s then a 2-4 week wait before it arrives.

If it’s actually coming via plane, then my theory that it’s scanned out of customs and sits in a warehouse for weeks before boarding a plane is correct. Otherwise they’re boated to Australia, which is why it takes so long.

DHL is awesome but expensive unless you have super high volume! Fed Ex is also good and equally expensive. About 3 to 5 times as much as what we are having to pay now.

I’m not criticising. What’s done is done. I realise that in order to keep costs down and increase the chances of a successful Kickstarter then some areas of the campaign need to be a standard service. Postage is one of those areas.

I was more observing that I’ve never had a quick arrival of any item from China. It always takes 2-4 weeks after the supposed exit from the country.

In some ways, that’s probably not a bad thing, I’ll get distracted by the Arduboy and want to learn to do some simple coding straight away, but I don’t have the spare time to invest hours in it.