Alternating row of dead pixles

I think my homemade arduboy has been dropped and damaged so now there are dead rows of pixels every 2 rows this is for the most of the screen but near the bottom it is fine. I checked all the screen connections with a multimeter and they were all good also changed the game to make sure it wasn’t a software problem. Can someone help me with what is broken or how to fix it please. I’m also using Mr Blinkies homemade package if that affects anything. Attached a phot to show the dead pixels.

Unfortunately this looks like damage that happens inside of the glass itself :frowning:

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so the screen is broken not the arduino

Yeah I can’t think of anything else that would cause this, it’s inside the display. Bummer.

If you hold the ‘up’ button while powering it on that should send the ‘all pixels on’ command to the screen, and if you still get the lines after that then theoretically that should more or less confirm that the issue is with the screen rather than being a software-related fluke.