Alternative Flash Chips?

The flash chip doesn’t exactly has to be a W25Q128 or W25Q64 A Serial (SPI) flash chip from a different manufacturer will most likely work too.a size of minimum size of 64Mbit/8Mbyte is recommended so you can use use the standard flash image. But you can also go smaller. In that case you won’t be able to store all the games.

can I do with a W25Q32?

Yes you can. but you can store less games. it’s a 32Mbit serial flash chip. it has 4096KB flash storage @ ~29.75KB per game (max 28K sketch + 1K menu screen + 0.25K header) thats over 137 games.

Tip. if you get the DIP version put it in a socket then you can swap or upgrade it later)

OK thank you

hi me again
I have new questions

How would we put files on a Serial Flash chip?

How would we choose which file to upload from the Serial Flash chip? DIP switches?

You need to burn the bootloader of the atmega32u4 in your DIY Arduboy first. You need another Arduino programmed as ISP or a USBasp ISP programmer for that.

With the updated bootloader you can use Arduboy Activator or flash writer python scripts

The bootloader has a built in game select menu and flasher. So you use the D-PAD and A or B buttons to select a game.

@marmita Are you buying online? Where do you purchase from? Very curious. I’ve traveled around the world and always very interested in the difference for how to buy electronics.

I know Brazil is particularly difficult. I remember hearing stories that PS2 was like the same price as a nice car.

Even stuff from aliexpress is taxed? those yellow envelopes?

My guess between shipping and taxes you might end up paying something north of $10 usd possibly even double or triple that for a part that costs less than a dollar. I don’t think it’s impossible to get just unreasonable. That’s why I’m curious as to where the parts are found now its my guess that it’s a local retailer.

I buy at mercado livre

here usually very cheap prices

here in Brazil everything is taxed

here the financial situation of the country is very difficult the dollar is worth 5 reais

ok you can already see that i’m new in this world of electronics and programming so you can see that i ask some stupid questions.

how do I use USBasp to program the flash cart?

This should work! If you can solder.

If you wanted to make some for your friends, you could get some of these boards:

I think maybe you found this module:

It will work too but you won’t be able to store as many games.

And I found this, but it’s quite more expensive:

If you have USBasp the difference is you select “USBasp” from the “Programmer” selection menu.

I was already thinking about buying thisI was already thinking about buying this

I’m interested in arduboy because here in Brazil there is only one arduboy selling and for 400 reais

one more question that i forgot to ask:

where can i get the bootloader code for USBasp to pass to arduino?

Install the Homemade package in your Arduino IDE then select your Homemade Arduboy configuration, select your USBasp as programmer and use th burn bootloader option.

[quote=“Mr.Blinky, post:20, topic:9405, full:true”]
Install the Homemade package in your Arduino IDE then select your Homemade Arduboy configuration, select your USBasp as programmer and use th burn bootloader option.[/quote="Mr.Blinky,

ok thanks for the quick answer

have any more procedures to install the bootloader?

The pin connections will be different but the signal names are the same, you can follow the software part of this guide if it’s hooked up correctly: