Another Arduboy 2 wish list

For me the actual arduboy is really good. For me there is only 2 things to add to it.

First is a atmega with more flash:

To store a lot of graphics and game data on it :slight_smile:

The second is infrared. IR on the top-back. allowing communication to other arduboy, and also change the TV channel!!


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Or how about the ATSAMD21G18 used in the Arduino Zero, which has IrDA infrared modulation and demodulation support built in?

Sounds really cool!! Will not drain battery lot faster?

No, it will actually likely draw less current than an AVR processor. An infrared link would probably drain the battery quite fast, though (with any processor).

Yeah! For the IR it was clear to me. But it will not be powered all the time.
But surprises me that a 32bits faster processor drain less that 8bits slower one. Of course all depends on the manufacturing process. But used to be the other way.

:+1: to ATSAMC21G18.

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@MLXXXp has got some good ideas on the Zero. Adafruit has the feather with the zero and an sd card built into it. So I’m looking at grabbing one of those and getting it to talk to the screen. Looks like Scott may have done a lot of the heavy lifting.

I’ve got to check into what the cost and supply of the new chip is also.

This is almost certainly going to happen. I need to make some tests on what kind of LED and what strength will be.

I checked Digikey and found the ATSAMD21G18 to be cheaper than the Atmega32U4 used in the current Arduboy.

Re: Infrared interface

I’ll be receiving some Tau boards in a few days (which are ATSAMD21 based). When I do, I’ll see if I can find the time to experiment with IR communication between my Arduboy-Z prototype and a Tau.

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I would just like more buttons and the ability to store multiple games at once.


Instead of InfraRed think about an ESP8266 or ESP3212 wifi/bluetooth modules. I think they will be less battery hungy and of much more utility.

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I would really like to put the footprints for an ESP or maybe some other kind of bluetooth module. But you’ll need a new back nothing else can fit back there!

That’s fine you’ll need a larger battery too!

Really the ESP32 is pretty amazing, it’s got 2 cores in there so actually if wifi didn’t take so much power then it would be awesome. Keeping my eye on it for sure!

Bluetooth sounds good to me!

I like the form factor of the Arduboy, but the depth could double and I wouldn’t care in the slightest :slight_smile:

If you put a WiFi or Bluetooth module behind the back cover, you may need a different cover anyway, regardless of the size limitations. The current metal cover would likely shield and block the signals, so a different cover material would be required.

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check this different hardware … select boot from SD similar to gamebuino but scalable to other project…


@reltkaine nicely done ! I think you should create a separate topic on your work and tell us about your progress !

Also, I’m going to remove your other post, you really should create a topic on your work, not just post it in existing topics.


I think whatever we do for now will be on the monochrome OLED, it really is a big part of the Arduboy feel.

Color won’t be a thing at least for a long while.

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I think we’ve barely scratched the surface on what the monochrome oled can do. With a more powerful chip there could be some very interesting effects created.