Another clone

Here is the clone I use with students.

It has some shortcomings but also advantages.

It is DIY of course. The real Arduboy is the goat but the point is they build it.
Every thing is trough hole and the board is big to make it extra easy.
It is soooo cheap! About 6$.
USB C yeah!
Works with one AAA battery but you could use any combination between 1 and 5V.
We can use blocks coding via arduinoblocks.
Volumen control wheel.
Three leds instead of RGB. Just different. It looks more like a traffic light though.
Students can build a case out of different materials or even 3D print.

It is a Slimboy really. Not fully compatible. We could use an Arduino Micro. Maybe next year. I had A LOT of nanos lying around. Also I didnt see any arduino micro with usbC, now I do.
But I dont want to switch the i2c screen to SPI because arduinoblocks doesnt support it and I dont know any other compatible blocks environment.
Four buttons instead of a gamepad.

Students like this project very much.
I will be thinking of improvements and looking for a blocks editor.
Any ideas are very wellcome!


Nice looking device !