Another Homemade Arduboy

I just finished my last version of an homemade Arduboy. Will have to design and print a case for it now but it is running already. :slight_smile:


Very nice … what are your thoughts on cases? Something traditional or something out there?

The front looks clean. :slight_smile:

Well i am working on a traditional case. Almost finished construction. I think only one additional print with the FDM printer is needed to fine tune everything then i can go with the high quality Resin print and finalize it.

Here a first preview:


That looks great!

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not really happy with it, needs some more modification but at least a start.

Made all the writings visible. Will print the hopefully final version tomorrow.


That is a 3d print? It’s so smooth! Did you sand/prime/paint it?

I love the label for the power switch! :slight_smile:

Like @bateske I am also curious about this. I have a buddy with one that made a few dodads for me and they all had a noticeable texture of lines. Not sure how else to describe it.

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Yes it is a 3D print and i just painted it. But it is a Resin printer and not a classic 3D printer. Quality with this is almost perfect.

The printer i used is an Anycubic Photon

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Here we go.

Finished :wink:


Looks really good! Congratulations.

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Oh wow that printer is so cheap. I am tempted now with that quality. Do you also have a washer and uv dryer?

Yes i have Isopropanol to clean and a nail UV lamp to finish the parts. The quality is just amazing. And for that price unbeatable. A combination of FDM and Resin prepares for everything :wink: